Krista + Keri’s DIY Christmas Card Tutorial

The holidays are almost here and it seems most people are in the midst of shopping for their loved ones (except for the few that did ALL of their shopping on Black Friday)! We, at The East Coast Bride, believe that every gift should include something handmade, whether it is the actual gift, the card or even the tag. Knowing that a part of a gift took time and thought is a fantastic feeling, for both the recipient and you!

We’re thrilled to share three easy DIY Christmas card ideas with you. Don’t worry, these are not labor intensive; however, they will still make a statement and shine with the holiday spirit!


Materials for all cards


  • Kraft paper: $3.99 for 50 sheets
  • Cardstock paper: $0.10 a sheet
  • Glitter paper: $1.99 a sheet
  • Baker’s Twine: 25 yards for $2.00

Approx. cost per card: If you made as many cards as possible out of the materials listed above, each card would be an astounding 10 cents! Now I know you’re probably not going to make 100 cards, but even to make 20 would cost about 60 cents a card.

DIY Candy-Cane Inspired Christmas Card














Extra Materials

  • Red and white striped paper
  • Red glitter paper


    1. Cut the red and white striped paper to 2” x 5 ½”
    2. Cut the glitter paper to ¾” x 5 ½”
    3. Glue the striped paper to the bottom of the card with a glue stick
    4. Glue the glitter paper (overlapping the striped paper about ¼”) with a glue stick or glue gun


Step 1 and 2
Step 3


DIY Ornament Christmas Card














Extra Materials: 

  • 1 ½” circle cutter
  • Red and white striped baker’s twine
  • Glitter gold paper
  • Green, red, and white paper


    1. With the circle cutter, cut one green, red, and white circle
    2. Cut trapezoids from the glitter paper for the top of each ornament. Ours were 3/8” on the bottom and 1/4” on top.
    3. Cut a piece of baker’s twine 5 ½” and glue 1 ½” from top of card (we covered the string with glue from the glue stick).
    4. Glue the circles to the bottom of the card, as shown, with the trapezoid tops.
    5. Measure the space between the string and top of the ornament. Cut three pieces of baker’s twine to that length.
    6. Glue the three pieces of baker’s twine to attach the ornaments to the string.
Step 1
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4



DIY Bunting Christmas Card














Extra Materials

  • Green, red, and gold glitter paper


    1. Measure out your triangles as shown, two on each sheet of paper.
      • Measure an inch from the top corner – to the right and below.
      • Draw a line from the bottom inch and mark ½”.
      • Connect the ½” mark to the top corner and top inch mark for your first triangle.
      • Mark 1” from the bottom ½” ; connect this mark to the top inch and you have your second triangle.
    2. Measure an inch from the top of the card and glue a triangle on each side.
    3. Arrange your triangles on the card and mark each corner. This will ensure correct placement when gluing.
    4. Glue your triangles.


If making your own card is not your thing, of if you need kraft paper ready for an A2 envelope, check out our Etsy store, EastCoastBride, for handmade cards, tags, and DIY materials!


Tip: Use a rubber stamp to add the “Merry Christmas” message to each card.  You can also find rubber stamps with holiday messages to use on the inside of each card.  


What do you think, would you make your own holiday cards?


Keri and Krista are former east coast brides and friends from New Jersey who began their website, East Coast Bride together after realizing their mutual love for weddings. Recently they opened their etsy shop upon realizing their love for all things handmade. For more from Krista & Keri, follow them at and on etsy at


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