Laura & Justin’s Country Garden Wedding

In honor of it possibly being Spring somewhere in the US  (it’s going to be 90 degrees in the Silicon Valley today and I’m sure you East Coasters are still shoveling yourselves from mountains of snow), I’m thrilled to bring you the pretty country garden wedding of Laura and Justin.

There are so many handmade details here: Laura’s shoe embellishments, wine bottle centerpieces, and their even their cake! Laura had this to say about her DIY projects:

I recreated these shoes! They originally came with blue ruffles on the front, so I tore those off and glued/sewed on the rhinestone strip and broach. My wine bottle centerpieces were made with twine and flowers and then spray painted. I made the cake myself but I really loved the messy frosting, “G” topper, and pink flowers. Simple, sweet, and homemade.

My Something Old and Borrowed was my great-great grandmother’s white gloves. I wrapped them in twine in my bouquet. In pictures, the wrap my
look odd, chunky, in disarray, but the secret hidden in my bouquet really meant a lot and I’m so happy I got to incorporate that into my wedding.

All of the decor I did myself. Everything from remaking my shoes and garter, to the cakes and cupcakes, to all the centerpieces, fan programs, and “bar” sign.

What was the hardest part of wedding planning?  What knowledge do you want to pass on to other couples?

It was hard because I literally like EVERYTHING! I had to give up a lot of cool ideas because I couldn’t have every color and theme for our wedding. We both are outdoorsy and are a pretty casual couple, and we love to eat, drink, and have fun with friends and family. I guess that was the main idea when planning; keeping it outside, in the sunshine, casual, and fun!

You can only plan so much. When the day comes, things will come up and maybe go differently than you imagined and you might even forget stuff (we forgot to sign the ceremonial certificate at the altar and my hair didn’t turn out like I wanted), but just stay calm, roll with the punches, and don’t let anything or anyone ruin your day. I kept saying to myself : “If the flowers or my hair or the cupcakes aren’t perfect, I’ll still be getting married to Justin today”. And that’s all that matters!


Best moments and memories?

My favorite moment was walking down the aisle and seeing Justin for the first time. This was really important to us to not do a reveal or first look. It was an awesome moment. I guess I was so overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts that when my dad “gave me away” I panicked, forgot to hug him, and I “ran” up to the altar.

A friend brought a tug-o-war rope and two ammo cans for “ammo can tug-o-war”. That was an unexpected, fun surprise that people of all ages loved at our wedding.



Laura & Justin
Winding Paths Gardens, Washington
Event Date: August, 2014


Photographer:  B. Jones Photography//Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Collection//Dress Store:Hermosa Bridal Boutique//Caterer:Kelly’s BBQ & Catering//Event Venue:Winding Paths Gardens//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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