Leah + Kaleb’s Handmade Vintage Wedding

Remember that gorgeous vintage engagement session we shared last week from Booth Photographics where bride-to-be Leah sewed her awesome lace backed dress and the sheer passion between her and hubs-to-be Kaleb nearly jumped off the screen to bite you? Well today we have a post Halloween treat for you! I hope you didn’t overdose on candy last night, because these photos, the gown, the decor, the emotions, and the romance are super SWEET!

I simply can’t stop staring at these portraits. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such true love captured in a photo! And the best part is that there’s more. This wedding was laden with special meaning and of course fab crafts. Recognize the style in the bridesmaids dresses? They are similar to Leah’s e-sesh dress, because well, she made them. She also handmade the fabric bouquets and flower girl’s dresses too! The sweet little vintage decor touches just perfectly complement Kaleb’s vintage truck and a day filled with special moments like the passing of a fifth generation bridal necklace.

Thank you Booth Photographics for sharing the journey of this super sweet couple! Congratulations Leah + Kaleb!

Vendor Information:

Date: June 22, 2013

Location: Wisconsin, United States

Photographer: Booth Photographics

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  • Black N Bianco , Direct link to comment

    You guys did a great job trying to capture a vintage wedding. From the color theme to the brides dress, everything blends so well together. Very Beautiful.

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