Leif + Amy

Last week we showcased a beautiful wedding that was pulled together in four weeks, and today I wanted to switch around and present nuptials that fell towards the other end of the spectrum. Amy took her time planning and creating the elements of her wedding to Leif, and it shows in the cohesiveness of the details. Since their venue was a farm, she wanted a rustic feel and spent many hours sourcing pieces for the decor from thrift stores and even more hours crafting. A unifying theme to both of these weddings is the adherence to a color palette – Amy and Leif chose a green and brown scheme with touches of yellow. While picking colors is not always a necessity, it does provide a great framework to work within when whittling down your decor and flower options.



Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Photography: Chelsea Brown Photography

Venue: Misty Farm

Caterer: Eat

Florals: Pot & Box

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