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I love, love, love incorporating everyday places into a wedding theme. Museums? Great. A favorite diner? Neat. A school cafeteria? Utterly adorable.

If you’re a book nerd like me, then you’ll get a kick out of using library cards as save-the-dates (or even invitations).

To get you started pop on over to the Catalog Card Generator, where I made this:


How cute is this? Very cute, I say! Keep playing with the generator and you’ll find different card styles and colors come up each time. Nifty!  Unfortunately, the generator only outputs files into low-res graphics. They’re 72 dpi which is great for online viewing but doesn’t work so well for printing (you need at least 150 dpi for a decent print; 300 dpi is preferred.)

Now, if you’re wanting something printable head over to Chia’s Rubber Stamp Art and snag these bare bones templates:


As an alternate, Ez at Creature Comforts has this lovely set available to you.


You need fonts now, right?

I like MAILART font to mimic rubber stamps (great for the date).

One of my favorite typewriter fonts is Traveling Typewriter and it goes quite well with MAILART above.

ALL of these things are FREE, by the way. If you decide to download any of them, please give a big thanks to the creator(s) for their generosity and talent!

14 thoughts on “Library Card Save-The-Dates”

  1. Extremely unique and original and isn’t that what most brides are looking for in a wedding theme? The uniqueness and individuality of these are great!

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