Planning on a budget. This is at the top of your to do list when planning a wedding. Once you know your limit, that’s when you know exactly what you can/cannot have at your wedding or the amount of people you can/cannot invite. 

Mapping out the maximum you want to spend.

Try not to go overboard. Choose a maximum amount & stick to it. This is a great way to prioritize what’s a must have for your big day. Match your paycheck or income to the amount you can spend (what you have left over). Don’t make plans before your budget. Many brides often make the mistake of making plans before having the amount of money they’re willing to spend figured out. What happens if you find a spot that your mind is set on having but can’t afford it? Save yourself the stress & disappoint ladies, budget then plan! 

See who can help with wedding cost (family/friends/matron/maid).

The more, the merrier, right? It’s okay to ask & to accept help from your loved ones who want to make sure that you enjoy your big day.  

Give yourself enough time to meet wedding cost/needs.

Everything takes time, especially wedding planning. You know what you want your wedding to be like, & to make sure your vision comes to life, you need to take the necessary steps to making sure you have everything needed.

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Cut out the extras if you don’t have time.

Prioritize what’s more important & put them at the top of your to do list. Put time aside to get those things done so that you aren’t running around like a chicken with its head cut off at the last minute.

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