Meghan & Derrick’s Intimate DIY Wedding

Small, intimate weddings hold a special place in our collective hearts here at DIY Bride. We love seeing how you guys and gals keep things simple, manageable, and meaningful so, when we received Meghan and Derrick’s wedding, we knew this would be a great wedding wedding to share.

According to our bride, Meghan:

Derrick and I first met at a youth camp I’ve grown up at. Our foundation in our faith immediately drew us to each other and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Our wedding was so beautiful and special to us.

We were engaged for a year, and in that time I was able to create personalized details like a wood-burned sign for said jars that said “please take one”, wood-burned engraved hangers for each of my bridesmaids, hand-painted photo booth props, a shabby chic card box, cloth-covered mini jars with wedding rice for throwing, twine wrapped wine bottles, burlap mason jars, and more!

I’m thankful to have had such an incredibly talented photographer to capture every beautiful detail of our wedding, as well as every emotional and intimate moment. One of my favorite pictures from our special day was where Derrick is blindfolded and kissing my forehead while my face radiates with joy. It epitomizes our relationship perfectly. We took that moment to pray together before we embarked on the greatest day of our lives. I’ve replayed my wedding over and over again in my mind, reliving every moment to ensure it was perfect. It means everything to me, and I know I’ll cherish these photos and memories for years to come. That’s all a bride can really hope for.

Meghan & Derrick
Compass Rose, Florida
Event Date: May, 2014

Photographer:  Ais Portraits//Restaurant:Compass Rose//Veils and headpieces:Etsy//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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