Melissa + Derek’s Eco-Friendly Backyard Wedding

I am quite keen on green weddings.  Although I do love the color, I mean the green, eco-friendly- reduce the carbon footprint your union, kind of green.  And although Kermit may have said it’s not easy, Melissa and Derek prove that it’s not only possible but beautiful too.  Lucky for us, Sharalee Prang Photography was there to capture the beauty of green surroundings, environmentally friendly DIY, and a couple so darling it will make you green with envy.

Held on a relative’s property, (which is always a great way to reduce energy usage for those looking to go green) Melissa created the succulent bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces herself. The groom and his boys even wore recycled rubber tire sandals blending fashion conscious with eco-conscious.  The fabu favors of home roasted coffee and homemade jam make a great breakfast treat for guests the day after ensuring not dust collecting goodies here.  And in what I think might the best bridal entrance I’ve seen in a while, the bride’s dad rowed her in on a boat while Derek’s brother played guitar.  Minimal carbon emissions and an in-house band, double earth friendly bomb!  The clincher of this carbon friendly day, was a tree potting ceremony symbolizing their union.  (Move over sand ceremony, I may have a new favorite tradition…

All in all  this is the kind of wedding that makes you look at all the ways you can declare your love to each other and the earth without sacrificing design and style.  A little bit of boho and whole lot of chic Melissa and Derek’s wedding is great blueprint for leaving a smaller footprint.  Thank you, Sharalee Prang Photography for capturing this gorgeous green day.  And congratulations Melissa and Derek!

Vendor Information:

Photographer:  Sharalee Prang Photography

Catering: Formaggio Fine Foods & Catering


  1. Eco friendly weddings are hardly new concept but it’s great to see couples making an effort in instigating such wedding events 🙂 It’s a bit taxing, managing an eco-friendly wedding and the details are such nightmare so to pull it off successfully is a great feat!

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