Michelle and Justin’s Recipe for an Old Hollywood Wedding

Ever wonder if there is a science to DIY? Need a recipe book for a romantic DIY wedding?   I think our next couple, Michelle and Justin, may have established a prize winning formula.  This glammed up wedding at The Inn at Old Silk Mill in Virginia has little bit of an old Hollywood feel with a lot a bit of DIY eye candy.


From the bride: “Justin and I joke that we were born DIY’ers. There’s not a day that passes where we don’t mutter at least once, “I can do that”. So we knew a DIY wedding was in the cards for us from jump street. Mix that up with a dash of frugalness and a pinch of perfectionism and you’ve got yourself a glimpse into our DIY wedding. Everything from the centerpieces and altar, to my feather bouquet was dreamt up and put together by myself, Justin, and our amazing network of friends and family.”

From feather filled hurricanes and alternative fillers in vases, to sparkling branches and the coolest yarn escort card holder I’ve ever seen; I love that Michelle and Justin found some simple, budget savvy ways of having an event sans beautiful blooms.


And there it is folks; the formula for a fabulous DIY wedding!  While I wouldn’t change a thing about this elegant event, I would have to add that a fantastic photographer like Sheaulee Ng Photography and the beautiful brick drop of the The Inn at Old Silk Mill will just add to full flavor of this delicious and delightful DIY formula.  We do want to thank Michelle and Justin for sharing this sweet wedding recipe and wish you many congratulations!

Vendor Information:

Photographer: Sheaulee Ng Photography

Venue: The Inn at Old Silk Mill

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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