Michelle + Evan’s New Hampshire Barn Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful.  Some people meditate and some workout to deal with the stress.  Others, clear out the card stock at their local craft stores, grab an embosser, a ton of flowers and create some tension freeing DIY.  This is just a theory, but by looking at the fantastic photos of Julie Sterling Photography and the looks on Michelle and Evan’s faces as they delighted in their day, I might dare to say that DIY weddings might be a new form of stress management program.  Maybe it’s the the splendiforous setting of Curtis Farm, or simply the fact that Michelle and Evan are so adorable around each other, but I think we may be on to a D-stress with DIY campaign.  Who’s on board?


From the Bride:

“There were a couple factors that made me go the DIY route with a lot (most) of our decorations – I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I like crafting, and we were on a budget. Making the decorations were a fun way to unwind after finishing up my master’s program.  I wanted the name settings and souvenirs to be the same – less clutter on the tables. What I did was bought a bunch of fun wine stoppers and then embossed everyone’s name onto the front of a small place card (thanks to my awesome sister-in-law and photographer). On the back, it thanked them for coming and said which table they were at. We had a map of the tables up so they weren’t completely lost because we didn’t name them by numbers.  The centerpieces also ended up being a lot of fun to do. It was two pieces – a bottom stand filled with corks and a top piece for the flowers. We bought hydrangeas in bulk from Trader Joe’s and filled them the morning of the ceremony and the aisle flowers, which were ribbon wrapped plant supporters.”


Perfection accomplished, Michelle!  Thank you Julie Sterling Photography for providing the embossing gun that created these fantastic favors and documenting the day with the same perfection as Michelle’s DIY.  Congratulations Michelle and Evan!



Vendor Information:

Photogrpher: Julie Sterling Photography

Event Venue: Curtis Farm

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