MIDORI Inspires: Unique Weddings With Pretty Ribbon Crafts

Today’s feature is brought to you buy MIDORI.  Khris has used MIDORI’s products in her DIY Bride books, and she is a faithful fan of this company.  It brings us great joy to talk about Midori on the blog today!

Midori has long been a popular name among crafters worldwide, and now, Midori is getting involved in the wedding industry like never before.  Check out Midori Bridal. They have beautiful gift wrap and ribbons to match.  As I browse through the MIDORI website, I find myself thinking, why use paper when you can use ribbon?!  Take this wedding pennant banner, for example (pictured below).  Using ribbon instead of paper makes this craft much more elegant and sophisticated, don’t you think?


There a lot of beautiful ways to incorporate ribbon into wedding crafts – flowers, invitations, jewelry, centerpieces, favors, decor, and so much more.  Ribbon bouquets are becoming quite popular, and MIDORI Bridal offers a selection of luxury ribbon, gift wrap, and wedding accessories. Browse the 2012 bridal collections featuring hand-picked gift wrap and ribbons for seven different themes: choose from shabby chic, preppy, beachy bride, and others. These collections take the guesswork out of planning, allowing each couple a fun, simple way to add their own unique touches to their décor, favors, and DIY projects.



MIDORI recently introduced a great blog with loads of wedding inspiration: Midori Ribbon Bridal Blog   The blog offers images, tips, DIY tutorials, and real MIDORI weddings. Pop on over and look around. I thought the DIY ribbon backdrop idea was pretty neat!


Another favorite and super simple wedding craft is the spray-painted champagne bottles embellished with ribbon and gift wrap (pictured below). These fancy bottles can really dress up a table and work with any wedding theme from bling to elegant to shabby chic.  If you only want to make a few of these, place them on your gift table, cake table, or at the champagne fountain as an accent piece.


Here’s how simple these are to make: choose your favorite spray paint colors and spray the bottles with 2-3 coats, and once they’re dry, use swatches of your favorite MIDORI ribbon and gift wrap as accents.  The ribbon and gift wrap can be secured with tape, hot glue or fabric glue.


MIDORI has a fantastic DIY tutorial for a silk flower – made entirely from ribbon – just for DIY Brides to use for decor, bouquets, gifts, or anything else!


MIDORI Dupioni Silk Flower


  • Desired length of 2” MIDORI Dupioni Silk Ribbon
  • Safety pin
  • Needle & thread
  • Artificial stamens, beads buttons etc. to decorate the center of the flower

1.       Lay the ribbon out horizontally and smooth it flat. Take a close look at the ribbon and notice the direction that the prominent threads run. These threads will create your fringe. Place your ribbon so that these prominent threads run from the lower right to the upper left.  *Mark the direction of the threads with a safety pin for future reference.

2.       Hold the ribbon with one hand near a ribbon edge. Use the fingernails of your other hand (thumb and index or thumb and middle finger) to gently pull at the prominent threads. Gently rake your nails over the edge of the ribbon pulling from left to right, separating the heavier, prominent threads from the lighter-weight, cross-grain threads.

3.       Using a double-threaded needle, sew down the un-frayed side of the ribbon by overlaying it in a circular motion until you reach to the center.

4.       To accent the center of your flower, add little trinkets of your choice with fabric glue or thread.


We want to thank MIDORI Ribbon for sponsoring today’s feature. This company is a great source for DIY wedding craft supplies, instructions, and inspiration!  We want to see what neat things you can make with MIDORI ribbon, so please get creative and share your work!


Quick links for MIDORI:

MIDORI Bridal Blog: http://bridalblog.midoriribbon.com/

MIDORI Bridal Homepage: http://midoriribbon.com/bridal-home/

MIDORI Bridal Collections: http://midoriribbon.com/2012-bridal-collections/

MIDORI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/midoriinc

MIDORI Twitter: @midoriribbon

MIDORI Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/midoriribbon/


This is a sponsored post, meaning we have been compensated by Midori for writing this review.  We firmly stand behind our review and recommendation and are committed to promoting only those companies we feel offer our community excellent products, ethical business practices, and outstanding customer service.

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