Natalia and David’s Fall Engagement Session

It’s in the air in New York. That crisp air at night and in the morning. The chill that makes you need to layer up so that when the warm mid-day sun starts scorching you have a whole new outfit. The need to go apple picking and run through leaf piles while being playful with your sweetheart on these last days of outdoor friendly weather. Okay, maybe that’s just me, but if it sounds like fun and you have no nearby leaf piles and crisp air, then have a peek at the love session Victoria Greener Photography sent over. After seeing Natalia and David’s sweet smiles and fall fun, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.



Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid109_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid113_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid128_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid149_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid167_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid179_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid183_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid211_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid229_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid240_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid251_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid264_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid271_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid279_low Camilo_Ross_Victoria_Greener_Photography_nataliadavid290_low

A big thanks to Victoria Greener Photography for sharing this e-sesh inspiration with us. Congratulations Natalia + David!


Vendor Information:

Date: November 4. 2012

Location: Idaho, United States

Photographer: Victoria Greener Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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