Natalie + Joey’s Theatrical Wedding

I love featuring weddings that showcase unique venues. For Natalie and Joey, their unique venue is Lab Theater, where Natalie works as an assistant. What makes this 6,000 square-foot experimental “laboratory” warehouse-turned-theater cool isn’t just its history, but the fact that this huge space has absolutely no windows. I actually find the decision to host a wedding where there are no windows pretty daring for any couple as lighting is super important for photography-sake as well as for setting the mood. Photographer Marc over at Lens and Luma Photography championed the challenge and did a pretty incredible job of producing magnificent photojournalistic-styled pictures of their big day.

I love that Natalie and Joey used the backstage as their getting-ready room and the actual theater stage as for the ceremony. I also love that throughout all the pictures, it was clear that they were happy, comfortable, and relaxed. It was almost like they were getting ready to put on their best show without looking all frazzled.

Natalie and her friends & family worked on a few DIY projects for the wedding. The unique center pieces of origami and pom-poms, the photo booth, as well as the blue & green lighting pom-poms that were decorated across the theater were their work.
Big thanks to Marc over at Lens and Luma for showing us such a beautiful and ethereal wedding. When I saw the after ceremony photos taken at backstage, I almost teared up. It’s only at weddings when you can truly feel that the union of two lovebirds is not just a union of two people, but two family and all of their friends. And how neat was it for the guests to have the bride + groom to perform for them… Congratulations to Natalie and Joey!


Photographer: Lens and Luma Photography//Wedding Date: September 7, 2013//Wedding Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota//Venue: Lab Theater//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

2 thoughts on “Natalie + Joey’s Theatrical Wedding”

  1. This was one of my favorite experiences of 2013! Yes, it is absolutely true that Natalie and Joey made a totally fabulous DIY setting…I adored her bright happy tassel bunting! However…my favorite part was that this wedding was kind of a flash mob style event…the Bride & Groom had their friends and family gather for the purpose of an “Engagement/Going Away” party. They are both heading off to teach internationally…when the Maid of Honor got up on stage to “toast the engagement” the attendees had not realized that the rest of the wedding party had slipped away to change into Wedding Attire!! So when the Maid of Honor said “since everyone is here already I think they should just go ahead and get married…is there anyone who could do that?” I got the privilege of saying “Yes! I can!!” (It was like…is there a doctor in the house? Haha…
    Natalie & Joey’s guests were completely surprised! It was a beautiful happy celebratory wedding…and I was so so lucky to share in there evening of love!

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