How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

According to David Tutera, most couples now plan their ceremony and reception in about nine months. Unfortunately, plotting out the perfect honeymoon usually takes a back seat…even though the honeymoon is really the icing on the wedding cake.

Sure you want the ideal picture-perfect ceremony with the best dress (you know…the one that makes you weep actual tears!), the most luscious blooms in the bouquet and the most romantic backdrop. So, yes, it’s true that you want to take time to get everything absolutely flawless. But for goodness sake, don’t skimp on the honeymoon!

Our weeklong honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas was perfect…and the vacation we both needed after a year of wedding planning (done while in college in another state!).  Saying goodbye to the princess perfection that was my wedding gown was tough, especially since the wedding day ended much too soon (time flies on your wedding day!). But jetting off to a tropical paradise the next morning made it all ok.

Every couple has a different budget and different loves and preferences. But if I can give you any guidance for wedding planning it is this: save money for the honeymoon. Opt for paper flowers if you must. Cut costs somewhere else, but make sure you plan a few days for happy honeymooning.

According to, “an average honeymoon is 7 days/6 nights, and the average price per couple is $5,000.” While this cost is an average–some couples spend more, others spend less–not all newlyweds can take that much time away from work or have thousands to spare in the budget.

Your budget dictates how much you will spend in the end. If you plan on jetting overseas—to the Caribbean and beyond—the price will jump because of airfare. However, if you’re planning a wedding that happens to coincide with off-peak tourist travel, you could snag cheaper airfare or resort accommodations.

Couples looking to book an awesome honeymoon on a dime, though, aren’t out of luck. Stay in the states and look for deals. Want a beach destination? Find one in Florida and along the east coast. Choose areas that aren’t known tourist hot spots. You may have to do a little research, but there will be budget friendly options.

Sit down together and discuss where you want to honeymoon and then look at your budget to see where you stand. Once you know your budget, the fun of booking your first days together as a married couple can begin. For more tips on how to plan the perfect honeymoon, check out the following infographic:

perfect honeymoon

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