Planning the Bachelorette Party: To Travel or Not to Travel?

Bachelorette party. Hen party. Stagette. There are almost as many terms for this pre-nuptial soirée as there are forms it can take. While bachelorette parties have always been a way for women to celebrate female sexuality and friendship, the modern bachelorette party is hardly limited to a bawdy night on the town. More and more bridal parties are opting to make the bachelorette party a destination affair, with trips to exotic locales and relaxing retreats. How do you know if a destination bachelorette party is right for you? Here are four things to consider when deciding between a local or far-away affair.

What You Want

The biggest factor in where you hold your bachelorette party is what you want. Some brides-to-be may wish for nothing more than a weekend away, but for other brides, traveling shortly before the wedding could feel like just one more thing to stress out about.

Even when you do decide to travel, there are countless destinations to choose from. Do you want a laid-back weekend at the beach or a glamorous night in the city? A glamping adventure or a tour of an epic historical landmark? Your bachelorette party can be anything you want it to be, you just have to decide.

The Cost

The bride-to-be’s costs for attending the bachelorette party are traditionally picked up by the maid of honor and other attendees, so this event shouldn’t cut into your wedding planning budget. However, you still need to consider the finances of the other attendees. If most of the bridal party has to travel for the wedding itself, flying to a bachelorette party destination as well could be too much to ask. However, if the bridesmaids’ costs aren’t too high or they have disposable income they’re happy to part with, a party in an exotic location can take the celebration to the next level.

The Guest List

If your bachelorette party will include your bridal party, sisters and cousins, old high school friends, and sorority sisters, trying to make it a destination event may be simply too much. Not only will making reservations at restaurants, spas, and other attractions be a hassle, but it’s unlikely that everyone will be able to attend. On the other hand, if you want the hen party to be an intimate affair for your closest friends, traveling may be the best way to keep it exclusive without hurting anyone’s feelings.

The Preparations

It should come as no surprise that a destination bachelorette party will take a lot more planning than a local get-together, but you might be surprised at just how many details must be considered. Not only will lodging, restaurant, and other outings need to be reserved, but you’ll need to figure out how everyone will get from place to place (especially if you’re drinking), whether you’ll eat every meal out or buy ingredients to prep at the hotel, and what you’ll do in your downtime. To make sure everyone is prepared, the party planner has to let guests know everything from what they’re expected to pay to how to dress for different outings.

One easily overlooked preparation is making sure homes are secured before you depart. Leaving a house unattended even for a short weekend trip leaves it vulnerable to a break-in, and nothing adds to pre-wedding stress like a home invasion. Remind everyone to lock all their doors and windows, use timers to maintain the appearance of an inhabited home, and stop mail service for the duration of the trip. Refrain from advertising the dates of your party on social media, and encourage attendees to install a home security system to deter crime.

Planning a destination bachelorette party is no easy feat, but the payoff is well worth the trouble. After all, what could be a better send off into marital bliss than the adventure of a lifetime with all your closest friends?

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