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My Wedding E-Journal


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My Wedding E-Journal

While growing up I saw my best friend’s sister keep a wedding journal that she used to plan her wedding, I wouldn’t go to that extent to plan weddings, but when she recently told me that she lost her planning journal recently after she got married, and she was really upset about it. It reminded me of a lot of other brides who put in so much effort and energy in planning their wedding and arranging their journals, and the journals becomes memories, and losing them is not easy.

Moreover, the convenience of having a journal is comforting emotionally and physically, because it helps you keep track of your wedding needs, wants and emotions. However, considering the ideas of accessibility and ease in carrying, physical journals are not feasible for everyone, and especially for brides who are on the go and juggling things between work and wedding preparation and invites, keeping a physical journal could be difficult.

Thus, in order to make brides’ lives easier, I came with an idea of an e-journal which is customizable, easily accessible and you can carry it around all the time. In order to learn how you can benefit from the e-journal as a future bride, please have a look at few of the advantages below:

Easily Accessible

The e-journal is easily accessible on any electronic device, and you can sync it with multiple devices to have it own whichever device you want to edit it at.  


It has multiple themes and you can select the theme, color, font and style of your choice and even add separate notes and customize it whatever way you want your journal to look like.

Wedding Tips

The e-journal is not just a journal but it comes with creative and useful information that you could use in your wedding planning.


If used right the journal can become your step by step guide in planning your wedding, as the plans you write in your general journal wouldn’t be accessible to you all the time, but if you have the e-journal on your phone, you can open it at any time and view your plans.
As a bride, your priority needs to be your convenience and an e-journal can add to that convenience, because of its integrated features that will help you use it for different purposes, such as writing your plans and writing your emotions. All you need to do is download it to the device of your choice and start using it.