Rachel + Alex

What happens when a DJ and a DIYer get married? Magic happens, people. Magic! This super fun couple, Alex and Rachel, put together a sweet, romantic day with touches of vintage. I love the mix of casual and elegant, vintage and contemporary, traditional and whimsical. Gorgeous!

Couple: Rachel  + Alex

Wedding Date: 06/2010

Location: San Diego, California

Photographer: Anika London

Reception: The Admiral Kidd Club

Makeup Artist: Rita Nguyen

Additional information about this wedding from the photographer: The groom is a DJ and the bride is a BIG do-it-yourself’er… they’re both in love with music and vintage style. The bride also has a blog that follows her on her do-it-yourself adventures including planning her wedding, designing their home and exciting vintage fashion finds. They wanted a sweet, vintage, romantic feel, fueled by the energy of their favorite music!


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