Rachel & An’s Wintery Engagement Session

We CANNOT get enough winter engagement and wedding sessions so it’s always exciting when one – especially as sweet and lovely as Rachel and An’s engagement – comes along.

In the words of photographer Ashley from Ashley Lynn Photography:

I love capturing each of my clients in a way that shows off their personality and tells their story. For this darling couple’s engagement session we visited their proposal spot at Cox Arboretum, Dayton Ohio. They even brought the umbrella An made for Rachel, which had pictures of them and sweet notes dangling off the edges. He made this adorable umbrella because it was supposed to rain the day he proposed. Although, the sun came out and the rain stayed away that day, making it a perfect sunny day to ask someone to love you forever. We made the trek atop the 46 ft. Tree Tower, where the views were breathtaking, to the spot he asked her that day. An & Rachael were a lot of fun to photograph. Their ability to laugh out load at each other while climbing trees, and then sharing tender moments wrapped in a blanket was so endearing. I’m glad we braved the cold for this sweet snow session.

We’re glad you did, too!

Cox Arboretum, Ohio
Event Date: Jan, 2014


Photographer:  Ashley Lynn Photography //Other Location: Cox Arboretum// Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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