Reality Check: A Stunning Altar

“Reality Check” is a weekly feature where we take a scene from a wedding and break down the estimated costs for you without comment or judgement. The idea is to give you, our readers, a realistic idea of what weddings cost.



Photography: A Brit & A Blonde . See the rest of the wedding here.


Cost Breakdown:

Birch poles $150 for 5 poles (approx 11 poles used): $330.00

Plastic planters (approximately 24″ tall): 2 x $30.00 = $60.00

Foam and filler (likely sand) for planters: $50.00

Curly Willow: $20.00

Vines and Greenery: $70.00

Hydrangea: $45.00

Baby’s breath: $20.00

Roses: $150.00

Floral Wire: $8.00


Estimated Total Cost: $753


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  1. this is absolutely ridiculous. I just made one of these with my fiance for ~$80. I can’t even imagine spending that much!!!

  2. Khris, the pricing on this one seems a little high. How do you come up with the pricing? Is it based on DIY pricing or what the couple would pay from a vendor?

    1. Judy, I’ve been using mid-range retail pricing. The idea is to give our audience a ballpark idea of what the element we show would cost to re-create.

      As I live in the SF Bay Area, my local pricing is likely higher than that of those in places with lower costs of living or that have access to regional things that are featured in our pictures (like abundant birch trees).

      I do welcome wedding professionals and our readers to chime in when something seems too high or too low. The more information and perspectives, the better!

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