Reality Check: Rustic Chic Dessert Table

“Reality Check” is a weekly feature where we take a scene from a wedding and break down the estimated costs for you without comment or judgement. The idea is to give you, our readers, a realistic idea of what weddings cost.



Photo by Jessica Watson Photography. See the rest of the wedding here.


Cost Breakdown:

Vintage Paper Pinwheels: $2.00 each X 25 = $50.00

Table Rental: $10.00

Eyelet Tablecloth (Vintage): $20.00

Secondhand Dessert Serving Plates: $2.00 x 10 = $20.00

2-Tier Cupcake Tray: $30.00

Wood Boxes: $15.00 each X 2 = $30.00

Candy Jars: $5.00 each X 2 = $10.00

Bird Figurines: $15.00

Bird Cake Topper: $30.00

“A” Block: $10.00

Tall Flower Arrangement and Vase: $25.00

Small Flower Arrangement and Cup: $10.00

Vintage Dessert Plates: $30.00

Paper Napkins: $10.00

Vintage Fire Truck: $300.00

Paper Banner: $5.00

Desserts, Cake, and Candy: $150.00


Estimated Total Cost: $725

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