Reality Check: Rustic Chic Dessert Table

“Reality Check” is a weekly feature where we take a scene from a wedding and break down the estimated costs for you without comment or judgement. The idea is to give you, our readers, a realistic idea of what weddings cost.



Photo by Jessica Watson Photography. See the rest of the wedding here.


Cost Breakdown:

Vintage Paper Pinwheels: $2.00 each X 25 = $50.00

Table Rental: $10.00

Eyelet Tablecloth (Vintage): $20.00

Secondhand Dessert Serving Plates: $2.00 x 10 = $20.00

2-Tier Cupcake Tray: $30.00

Wood Boxes: $15.00 each X 2 = $30.00

Candy Jars: $5.00 each X 2 = $10.00

Bird Figurines: $15.00

Bird Cake Topper: $30.00

“A” Block: $10.00

Tall Flower Arrangement and Vase: $25.00

Small Flower Arrangement and Cup: $10.00

Vintage Dessert Plates: $30.00

Paper Napkins: $10.00

Vintage Fire Truck: $300.00

Paper Banner: $5.00

Desserts, Cake, and Candy: $150.00


Estimated Total Cost: $725

  1. I’m a brand new bride-to-be and therefore am new to this website as well. I LOVE the concept of this weekly post and find it extremely helpful. Can’t wait to explore the site more!

  2. Still loving this segment!!! I’d like to point out though, that without the firetruck, it would have been $300 cheaper! There must have been a connection to the firetruck to make it personal for the couple. If not, that seems like a waste of $300.

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