Rebecca + Brendon’s Intimate Engagement Session (need imgs)

So it just hit me that Thanksgiving is this week. (Yeah I know, I obviously haven’t checked my Pinterest boards in a while.  Shame on me!)  But when I did, I quickly got into the spirit and started thinking of those things I’m thankful for.  There’s the standards- family, friends, home, food, health; I try to remember those on a daily basis.  But there are also little things that I would admit to no one but my fellow crafties like: glue dots, inspiration boards, mason jars, burlap, this awesome job that allows me to share some of the most beautiful crafts and moments there are around, and of course, engagement sessions.

Especially one like this from MarieSam Sanchez photography which lets us share some of the most intimate  and tender moments there are.  Rebecca and Brendan saved their first kiss for their big day.  So this whole shoot is just a big heaping helping of sweetness! Reminiscing on how they met during a church retreat and wearing fashions created by the bride-to-be, you’re sure to be filled with joy from this little love shoot.


MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_18 - Copy



MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_19 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_20 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_8 - Copy


MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_9 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_7 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_24 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_23 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_10 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_12 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_16 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_11 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_22 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_14 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_17 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_21 - Copy

MarieSam_Sanchez_Photography_diybride_rebecca+brandon_esesh_15 - Copy

Thanks MarieSam Sanchez Photography for sharing these lovely photos!  Congratulations Rebecca + Brendon!

Vendor Information:

Date: July 9, 2012

Location: California, USA

Photographer: MarieSam Sanchez

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