Recycled Paper Bead Bracelet

Out of all the things I make, my favorite in paper bead jewelry. I love being able to use any paper product to make my beads. As a bride, you might want to make a paper bead bracelet out of vows, lyrics to a song, or that love letter your future husband wrote to you when he realized you were the one he wanted to be with forever. I do recommend making a copy of these priceless things before making them into beads. And the best thing about this jewelry is you can wear it always, keeping it close to your heart.


  • 1- memory wire (4 loops)
  • 21 crystals (any color)
  • 40- 4-mm pearls (any color)
  • 20 oval paper beads

Estimated cost: $15 + paper beads (make with recycled paper for free!)


First, visit my personal blog to learn how to make paper beads. Once you’ve made your beads, you’re ready to begin.

Step 1: With your round nose pliers make a loop at one end of the wire.

Step 2: Begin inserting your paper beads, crystals and pearls. The pattern that I chose was:

Crystal (A), pearl (B), paper bead (C), pearl (B), crystal (A). A, B, C, B, A continue this pattern for twenty sets of A, B, C, B, A.


Step 3: When you are done inserting all your beads, you will have ¼ inch left at the end. With your round nose pliers make a loop at the end. You can add a charm to the loop to give it that special touch.


Paper beads are very cool, and a lot of people are just learning about them.  A bracelet like this is truly one-of-a-kind!

If you have any questions about the paper bead tutorial (linked above), don’t hesitate to email me:



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