Sara and Jeremy’s Southern California Backyard Wedding

Sara and Jeremy are the sweetest, most kind people you’ll ever meet, and we are so happy to be able to spend their beautiful day with them! Their wedding was in Sara’s parent’s backyard, and was beautiful, cozy, and love-filled event.

From the Couple:

How did you two meet?

– Jeremy and I met through a mutual friend! On the night we met, he taught me how to slackline and it was an instant connection from there! We continued hanging out a bunch. Going on hikes, running around the Rose Bowl and talking for hours on my front porch. The rest is history!

How did he/she propose?

– Jeremy and I were in Washington State with my family. My favorite hike in the world is the hike up to Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout in Mt. Rainier National Park. Jeremy said he really wanted to do that hike since he has never done it before. Little did I know, he had planned an epic proposal on our hike AND given my dad the ring before the hike so I didn’t accidentally find it in our backpack. When we got up to the lookout, we start taking pictures infront of the incredible view and Jeremy asks to take “one more picture”… Then he drops down on one knee and proposes! My dad was our secret photographer and it turned out he had done the entire hike with a bottle of champagne in his backpack so we could have an engagement toast! It was so perfectly “US.”

Why did you choose the theme of your wedding? 

– We are both extremely laid-back people. We don’t like big fuss or anything fancy. So we know we didn’t want some expensive, fancy wedding . It ended up being a wonderful, laid-back nights filled with tacos, margaritas , and barefoot dancing!

What made you pick your venue?

– We planned our wedding on a very tight budget. We both come from big families so we needed a cheap venue. As we searched and went on countless tours of too-expensive venues, it hit me that there was nothing else I’d rather get married than the house where I grew up! So we got married in the front yard of my house.

Did a particular moment in your day stick out to you personally?

– Obviously, our first look was so amazing and absolutely memorable. Also, seeing Jeremy wait for me at the end of the aisle was a moment I’ll never forget. Also, my sweet Uncle Jack was our officiant which was just so amazing for me. That helped calm my nerves! As someone who is extremely close with their family, another memorable moment was saying goodbye to my parents before we left for our honeymoon. I kept saying to myself “This will not be like the Father of the Bride! I will say goodbye to my Dad!” And thankfully, my dad and I shared sweet hug before we hopped in our getaway car.

What kind of personal details did you incorporate into your wedding?

– One of my favorite details was wearing a ring from my grandma who passed away a few years ago. It felt like she was there with us which made the day even more special to me. Another detail we LOVED was having our canoe out! We both love the outdoors and we wanted that to show in the details of our wedding. The canoe was the perfect addition to our rustic-y wedding decor!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?

– Our advice is to not go into major debt for one day. Now we do not judge anyone’s wedding dreams, but we both feel that a wedding is supposed to be about the marriage of 2 people and not about the decorations, flowers, favors, etc. We feel so much better knowing that we didn’t start our first year of marriage in major debt from our wedding. We tried to keep that mentality during our planning and it helped remind us that it’s our love that we have for each other and not the material things.

Anything you want people to know about your wedding?

– Our wedding was completely DIY through the grace of our wonderful friends and families who put in hours of work for our wedding! Everything from the flower to the decorations were all done by us!!And it made it even more special. And not to toot my own hom, but I’m proud of myself for making and arranging my own bridal bouquet!

Venue: Private Residence

Hairstylist: Brittany Leavitt @electroflapper

Florist: DIY flowers from The Los Angeles Flower Market and Costco

Caterer: Fiesta Tacos

DJ/ Live Band: iDj Entertainment



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