Sarah & Mike’s Relaxed Waterfront Wedding

Sometimes it’s best just to let our couples tell us about their big day because we just can’t do it justice. This is one of those times.  So, let’s hear all about this stunning (and fun!) waterfront wedding.

From Mike & Sarah:

We could not have asked for a better week and a better wedding. We were so lucky and blessed with countless moments of generosity and good fortune. The Location has been apart of the Potts family for over a 100 years. It has been past down from generation to generation and been used as a place of rest and relaxation for friends and family of all ages. Oddly enough, no one has ever been married there but is a place so dear to us, our families and our friends. There is so much history and memories there that no overwhelming decorations were needed to make it our own. Oh, and not to mention, the weather was insanely perfect the entire week, not a single hurricane. Hands on. Looking back and knowing our friends and family I am not surprised, but the amount of help, crafting, baking, organizing, moving of plants, making of drinks and energy of enthusiasm throughout the week was unbelievable.

Sarah’s mom made our wedding cake, catered our rehearsal dinner and helped coordinate all food arrangements (amongst other things)! Sarah’s Aunt made 57 dozen cookies, Mike’s mom helped all week and crafted the rehearsal dinner flowers while Sarah’s girlfriends crafted all the flowers and arrangements for our wedding. People moved tables and plants, set up bars and after parties, and made sure a good time was had for all!

Our ceremony. We wanted something short and sweet and personal. Sarah always said she wanted people to leave our wedding knowing more about us. We asked our two dear friends to official out wedding without any guidance or knowledge of their plans. They turned something we hadn’t focused on throughout the process into one of the most special and intimate moments of out wedding. There were laughs and cries and everyone walked away knowing more about us, including ourselves! DANCE! We were recommended the Josh Dion Band. We got to the week of our wedding realizing that in the chaos of things we never listened to them once. Hands down, the best surprise of the wedding. The energy and skills Josh has is undeniable and unstoppable. From the moment he sat down at his drum set and microphone to the moment he left, the dance floor was filled. It was everything we hoped for.

Flashmob. It’s silly, I know. The idea of a flashmob at my wedding is not something I would have desired or planned for BUT it happened. It was incredible. Oddly, for me, it summed up so many things about our wedding, our family and friends and our lives. At first it was a few close LA friends dancing, then our siblings, then old friends and new ones, parents and Aunts and Uncles. So many people that never should have been in contact from different parts of our lives dancing together. I realized that it was the summation of my favorite things, people I loved, doing something together. In the end, it was truly an unforgettable week and one of the best moments of our lives. We are so happy to have had it captured beautifully by Levi and his team.

Sarah & Mike
Event Date: Sep 14, 2013

Photographer: Levi Stolove Photography

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