Tiffany + Brandon’s Shabby Chic DIY Wedding

Let’s see … Bunting? Check. Mismatched bridesmaids? Check. Horse-drawn carriage? Check. Patterned groom’s tie? Check.   Yep, it’s official … I love everything about this California backyard wedding!  Tiffany and Brandon put together a pretty event with lots of DIY and vintage elements which the bride and groom worked on together, including the pom-poms on the alter and the fabric strip dessert table backdrop.  Oh, did I mention there was a dessert table? Check.

From the bride: “Brandon and I both grew up in the Central Valley of California. Once Brandon returned from his military service we started to become more acquainted at a local coffee shop I worked at. After a short couple weeks we became much closer as friends and started to see each other outside of the coffee shop. On Sept. 10, 2009 it became official. Brandon decided to propose after over a year of dating and sent me on a surprise scavenger hunt that lead me to some special places around town where we had made memories with each other. The hunt ended at our home and I said yes!  We decided to set the date for the wedding on the same date we had made our relationship official September 10!

“Brandon, my Maid of Honor (Jenni), and I spent lots of late nights putting together everything from the invitations to centerpieces and other decorations! Brandon built the arch and photo booth and I decorated them! We shopped at second hand stores for a lot of the items. Going for a Vintage/Shabby Chic style wedding, we decided to have the wedding at Brandon’s Grandparents home which was truly vintage!”

Congrats Tiffany and Brandon!




Photographer: Raquel Leal Photography

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    This was such a pretty wedding. I love when couples put so much of themselves into their wedding and I love to see their creativity shine. Everything turned out so nice. Congrats to the happy couple! 🙂

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