Shannon and David: DIY Destination Wedding

Never discount the boy next door, he could be your EVERYTHING!

David and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party 5 years ago and I completely dismissed hm. Not in a mean way, but seeing as how I thought it was a “Ladies Only” soirée,I basically utilized him as the token camera man for the night! Okay, yeah maybe that’s a bit rude. Funny thing was that we had the same circle of friends. However, I could never recall meeting him even though we had met several times. The thought of me not remembering him was so bad that even our friends would state “Shannon, you’ve met him like 7 times already!”

Needless to say, this phenomenon kept happening for a few months but then “IT” happened. He sent me a friend request on Facebook and my initial reaction was “WHO IS THIS?” Intrigued by the request, I strolled through his pictured to realize that it was David, the guy who all my friends knew and, from my church. YEP! He went to my church too. So, I added him and from there, we shared laughs via social media and when I would see him at church,  I actually remembered him. He became my very best friend a month later and now my husband! Man, God has a sense of humor.

IG Handle: @Ferventlychic


Venue: Cafe Julia, Honolulu, Hawaii

Wedding Coordinators: Natalie Christensen from Aloha Bridal Connection (@abcweddings)

Photographer: Michael McDermott (@vivirphotography)

Wedding Signage: Lisa Miller (@handwrittenaloha)

Makeup: Sarah (@Whikd_weddings)

Flowers: @Watanabe

Floral Arrangements: Shannon Crawford (@ferventlychic

Table Decor: Shannon Crawford (@ferventlychic)

Veil: Eartha Kelly

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