DIY Bride Real Wedding Country Rustic Style Shaw & Shaw 2019

Shaw & Shaw


Event Info

Location: Augusta, GA, US
Event Date:  Nov 03, 2018

Client Info

Client Orientation: Hetero
Client Names: Liz Shaw & Ryan Shaw

Album Story

Ryan had graduated from Clemson but was back in town to visit a buddy for his birthday. Liz was also there to celebrate this friends birthday! They hit it off immediately and hung out the whole weekend. He ended up moving back to Clemson and they have been inseparable ever since! 


On their wedding day, they were most excited to see each other for the first time.

Liz’s favorite part of her dress was the beaded straps. 


They wrote letters to one another to exchange before the ceremony and they were both so excited to exchange those. 

It was a beautiful sun-drenched day at Perrys Landing Wedding Venue. 

She described her wedding day style as: “Country garden rustic elegance with a touch of glam.” 



Associated Vendors

Event Venue: Perrys Landing
Dress Store: Elegant Bridals
Photographer: Dailey Alexandra Photography




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