Six Easy DIY Wedding-Centerpiece Ideas

Who said planning a DIY wedding is close to impossible?  It may be true that the thought of doing things on your own can be nerve-wracking (hello, budgeting and scheduling), but it’s a very rewarding thing to do.

When it comes to DIY-ing your nuptial, you have the freedom to personalize the specific details of the big event and make it more memorable for you and your guests. What’s more fun is that you can create, make, or build your own giveaways and decorations.

Speaking of which, one great project is to create a centerpiece. There are options that you can choose that don’e demand too much of your time, budget, and skill set. If you’re up for it, here are some easy DIY centerpiece projects you can tackle and have fun with.

Faux Flowers in a Vase

Image Credits:Craftberry Bush

Remember how to make papier-mâxhé flowers? Well, you can buy crepe paper (with a color that matches your wedding theme), glue, and artificial stem from old silk flower. Put the spotlight on a handful of handcrafted blooms placed in a cute vase.

Geometric Candlesticks

Image Credits: BLOGLOVIN’

If you’re into geometric patterns, then making a candlestick with artistic edges may be just for you. Gather some wooden blocks, and put a coat of paint on them to create a masterpiece that is perfect for your tables. you can also do more experiments on different materials with various shapes on the side too to see where it may lead you.

Personalized Candy Mix

Photography: Lynette Smith Photography

Order personalized candies and put them in a bowl. Place it at the center of the table along with some flowers, and now you have an edible centerpiece treat.

You want one last secret? You can create your own little bag made of burlap fabric so your guests can fill it up with candies at the end of the day. There you go, a wedding favor and a piece of decor in one idea.

Crystal- Clear Lanterns

Photography: Our Labor of Love

Let your reception sparkle with crystal lanterns. To do the trick, just buy clear mason jars, and clear crystals. Glue them onto the bottom half of the container in any artistic way you want. You can even vary the arrangement of the crystals whichever way you like, so let your crafty side shine through.

Rose-Gold Wine Bottles

Photography: Libbie Holmes Photography

Don’t be too quick in tossing away your empty bottles of wine. they prove to be one of the simplest but definitely most elegant centerpieces for your reception tables.

Start by cleaning the bottles thoroughly and peeling off the labels. Once they’re clean, spray at leat two or three coatings of metallic paint on each bottle. During your big day, put a flower in it to cast a minimalist, romantic vibe.

Sparkling Baby’s Breath

Two things –  those are what you need to pull this day off. Buy a silver or gold metallic spray paint and a big bundle of baby’s breath. Spray a coat on the little buds to make a huge statement. Place these beauties on a vase so you can display a floral gem that sparkles all throughout the event.

A little Goes a Long Way

Whether your project is big or small, as long as you give it your time and effort, it becomes significant and memorable. The same thought goes when you decide to have do-it-yourself wedding centerpieces. Your guests will marvel at the thought of you working at a personalized decor and at your artsy and crafty side.

Who knows, someone will discover your knack at creating stuff. It can start as a wedding project, and the next thing you know, you’re accepting orders from others already. Don’t be pressired into perfecting every material though; what’s important is you’re having fun while taking care of it.

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