Stephanie + Donovan’s Handcrafted Backyard Wedding

Sometime I wonder if we shouldn’t host a DIY Bride awards show? I mean some of these wedding are like movies. And this one? Well, I am totally crazy over! I mean, like a get the girls together, have some snacks, wine and tissues to celebrate friendship, love and cray cray beautiful pics tonights kind of crazy. Between the touching tale of Stephanie and Donovan’s love story, the fact that Stephanie’s dear friend not only hosted the event but courageously created every last bit of DIY fabulousness that you see and the simply stunning photography of Teresa K Photography, this wedding gets a two thumbs up!




From the photographer:

It had been years since he said goodbye to her, but she never left his mind or his heart. And so as it goes, when God’s time was right and the winds had changed, his true love did return. Life had changed them, but not their hearts. All of the trials they had endured only made them more prepared for each other. And so, in the beautiful backyard of Stephanie’s childhood friend, amongst the oak trees and hills of the Sierra Foothills, witnessed by friends and family they had shared for years, they sealed their bond as man and wife. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Swoon much? I guess it just goes to prove the old adage “if you love something, let it go..” It could also prove that if your something new climbs up your dress on your wedding day, you get to keep him too!

Now Stephanie’s childhood buddy certainly deserves a nod for best supporting role here. From the invites to the wooden ceremony arch, the signage to centerpieces, every last detail has you glued to the screen wanting and watching for more! Down to the twinnkiling lights in the perfect night sky, this wedding is pure romance and a perfect blend of woodsy elegance with rustic simplicity.

Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore! Is all that I can say. I’d like to thank Stephanie, Donovan, and their creative team who put together such a gorgeous script to work off of. A big thanks to Teresa K Photogrpahy for sharing this lovely day with us! And as the end your speech music cue comes up I can’t forget to say congratulations Stephanie and Donovan!


Vendor Information:

Date: October 20, 2012

Location: Private Residence, California, United States

Photographer: Teresa K Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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