Stephanie + Tsvetan

As vintage and Anthropologie-inspired weddings continue to dominate the weddingsphere, it is delightfully refreshing to find a couple who embrace a more modern and minimalist touch. Don’t get me wrong – I love Anthro/vintage weddings – I’m just wanting to see some more diversity in what’s represented in the pool of wedding awesomeness.

What I love about Stephanie + Tsvetan’s wedding is their use of 2 bright colors (pink and orange) to liven up a sparse space. Their color choices – and the elements they chose to present (Stephanie made the flower chandelier that is hung above the head table, by the way!) – are vibrant, festive, and exciting. Doesn’t their wedding look fun?

The Details

Wedding Date: September 2009
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Photographer: Wen
Caterer: froggys catering
Floral Designer: Pierce Florist
Reception Venue: Prairie Production
Additional information about this wedding: The bride wore her mother’s wedding dress! The wedding and ceremony were held at the Prairie Productions in downtown Chicago, which is a bare concrete studio space owned by a local fashion photographer. Everything in the wedding were hand selected by the bride herself!