Stress Free Holiday Gift Guide for a Busy Bride

Your wedding might not be for another six months or even year, but it’s the busiest and most exciting time of your life. We get it. The last thing that’s been on your mind is what holiday gift to buy to every special person in your life. Not to mention, the last thing you need is added stress.


here are a few stress-free items (in no particular order) for all the busy brides to buy their loved ones this holiday season that are easy, meaningful, and fun!

An Amazon Prime Membership


For those loved one who haven’t hopped on the Amazon Prime train yet, this gift could totally be a life changer.  At only $99 per year, he/she could receive all of their personal needs (electronics, groceries, etc). Added bonus –  all of the extra perks including free two-day shipping!


The Gift of Sleep


Sounds funny, right? But seriously, the gift of sleep is probably the most coveted gift out there. let’s be honest, how many of us actually get the recommended eight to ten hours a night?! Holidays are already stressful enough within themselves, and lack of sleep without a doubt amplifies that stress. Try buying your parents a new mattress! Did you know they’re supposed to be changed every seven to ten years?! Your parents probably have the same one they did when you were born and it might be the cause of many sleepless nights. Buying a mattress has never been easier.


You can purchase a luxury mattress from the comfort of your home and it will be delivered and rolled in a box! How cool? This might be your parents favorite (and unique!) gift to date.

A Food Subscription


healthy food subscription. The average person gains eight to ten pounds over the holiday season . Yikes. Not to mention, who as the energy to meal prep after the holidays OR the money to buy healthy groceries?! A great gift option is to buy a month (or week… budgets are tight during engagement season, we know) subscription to a healthy food delivery service such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. These meals are fast, easy, and most importantly, healthy.


Gym Membership

Gym memberships


A great gift for all of your other bride-to-be friends. The best gift to burn off all the holiday food and kick start the New Year! Trendy workout classes are all the talk these days. They’re fun, energetic, and empowering. Usually people want to try classes, but don’t want to drop the cash every month. Try buying a month at one studio for your family/friends who you know have a certain favorite workout or ClassPass is a great option for a variety of different workouts. Orangetheory Fitness, CycleBar, and Pure Barre are some personal favorites.

Happy holidays (and shopping!), beautiful brides. Remember to relax during the holiday season and enjoy special time with family and friends. All of these items can be purchased with the click of a button without stepping foot in a store. Don’t let holiday stress you out during the best year of your life.

Bonus: These items double as great gifts to also put on your personal wish list!




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