Sydney + Greg’s Fun & Eclectic Backyard Wedding

For Sydney + Greg’s fun-filled wedding, they chose Sydney’s beloved grandmother’s house as their venue. Perhaps it’s Sydney fun-natured personality, or just how comfortable they are at where they are getting married, Debra Gulbas Photography was able to captured all the different sides to Sydney + Greg on their day. This incredible couple and their family used lots of different colors and patterns to showcase their personalities. Be prepared to smile!


Sydney hand-created all the amazing jeweled + fabric bouquets that she and her bridesmaids carried. I love that similar fabric was used for groomsmen’s boutonnieres, flower girl’s headpiece, as well as all the flags that were strung all over the back yard. The draped flags are resemblance to Nepal’s prayer flags that are hung across the mountains. As said best by Debra Gulbas, “According to tradition, prayer flags promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. It is commonly believed that prayer flags will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. I couldn’t wish for more for such an incredible couple like Sydney and Greg.”

I can almost hear Sydney’s laughters coming across these photos, and you just can’t help but smile and be happy with her. Sydney + Greg’s sense of eclectic style was strong and beautiful. I adore her amazing bouquets that she created and all the flags that were strung across the lawn. Thanks for showing us this awe-inspiring fun wedding!

Congratulations to Sydney + Greg!!


Photographer: Debra Gulbas Photography//Wedding Date:04.21.2012//Cake Designer: Fourth Street Bakery//Caterer:Jerry and Agnes Kostroun//Musicians: Orpheus Music Academy//Officiant: St. Mark’s Episcopal Austin//

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