Eco-friendly décor

You don’t have to compromise on your perfect décor just because you’re trying to make your wedding as green as possible. There are a number of clever techniques you can use to remain sustainable without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your big day.


Make the most of the daylight while you can. Setting up solar panels during this period can help to make a big difference later in the day. Collecting enough energy at this point could mean your entire evening is lit by a sustainable source.

Failing that, you could employ the use of hundreds of beeswax candles. These can hang from the ceiling and provide natural lighting for the reception.

Place cards

Any form of paper signage which you use can be sourced ethically, or even replaced altogether. When it comes to place cards, bamboo or recycled options are the best way to go.

For your wedding invites, think instead about sending out electronic save-the-dates, and asking people to confirm their attendance online. If you know particular guests are not computer-savvy, reach out to them via the phone.


There’s a relatively easy alternative to traditional confetti that comes in the form of biodegradable, dried out petals. These not only retain the aesthetic appeal of the original product but break down naturally in the environment without doing any damage.

Other natural materials

From the tablecloth to your napkins, there are a series of decorations which you can find made from materials like hessian, hemp or pure linen.

When it comes to tableware, consider using rustic natural wood, sourced from sustainable forests. This extends to the likes of tables, bowls and even cutlery.


Eco-friendly wedding venues

Yes, even the decision of where to host your big day can have a big impact on how sustainable it is. Once again you have a selection of options to choose from.


Having your wedding take place outdoors means you’ll be able to make the most of natural sunlight. You’ll be able to find botanical gardens and refurbished barns, which offer the perfect venue for anyone looking to ensure their wedding locale is having the minimum impact possible on the surrounding ecosystem.

Centralised location for ceremony and reception

Hosting both events in the same place means there’s minimal need for guests to travel from one place to the next. It sounds simple, but it’ll make a massive difference to your wedding’s overall carbon footprint.

Green hotels

Some hotels are greener than others. They’ll have a strong recycling policy in place, use energy-efficient appliances and operate using a lot of biodegradable products. These are all questions you can ask a potential host venue before you make a decision.


Sustainable and organic food and catering

This is another factor we often overlook at a wedding. While it’s common to take guests’ dietary needs into account, not much thought is given to where and how our food arrives on the plate.

If food wastage and sustainability matters to you, you can find a catering company who keep all of the following in mind:

Locally sourced

We’ve already discussed the benefits of localised sourcing when it comes to mileage. But it also helps smaller farming communities to thrive. In the process, it increases the likelihood of others being able to get produce from their local community in the future.

Organically produced

While pesticides have their benefits, they also carry harmful chemical pollutants which can have a negative impact on the environment. Make sure to ask your caterer if their products conform to the certified standards.

Tableware offered
You can always provide this yourself, but if you are relying on a catering company for everything, make sure they offer sustainable products. That means their cutlery is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Food waste policy
Ask them what their policy is regarding food that is either unused or not eaten after being prepared. Most sustainable catering companies should offer food that hasn’t been cooked to food banks or charities. Meanwhile, food that didn’t get consumed can be turned into compost.


Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your caterers. Ask what their policy is on all of these factors before you make a final decision.

5 Ways to Feel Glowing and Confident on your Wedding Day

When you’ve dreamed of your wedding day, you probably always envisioned yourself as a glowing and happy bride. Now that you’re engaged and in the thick of planning, you may be feeling more stressed than “glowing.”

That’s okay and completely normal! Though you may feel that way now, there are plenty of changes you can make to your daily routine and mindset to feel your happiest and healthiest on your wedding day.

1. Love the skin you’re in

Feeling happy and confident starts with you! Are you giving into the noise in your head that tells you that you’re not thin enough, that your hair isn’t long enough, or that your skin isn’t clear enough? Challenge yourself to ignore that deceitful voice that shows up without your permission and really try to open your mind to your unique and beautiful qualities that made your spouse-to-be fall in love with you in the first place. 

With that said, it never hurts to practice self-care and develop a daily routine before the wedding. We all feel an extra boost of confidence when we actually make the time to take care of and pamper ourselves and make our personal health a priority. Self-care can be as simple as making sure you floss every day or as extensive as getting your teeth straightened and whitened. Your skincare routine can be as intense as having a strict regimen that you follow every day, or as relaxed as simply drinking more water and taking flax oil supplements. No matter how you choose to practice self-care, just be sure to do it out of self-love and care for your body, not out of shame, embarrassment, or punishment.

2. Make others feel appreciated

When it comes down to it, this day is about you and your spouse. That’s why elopement has become a popular trend in recent years. But if you’re choosing to go the more traditional route of a large gathering to celebrate your marriage, consider what you can do to make the people in your life feel special during this momentous occasion by showing them gratitude and appreciation. Whether it’s a special gift with a personal touch, a heartfelt hand-written thank you letter for even the smallest gestures, or a special shout out or dedication during the reception, helping others feel appreciated helps to boost your mood, happiness, and confidence. 

3. Focus on what’s important

Whether we realize it or not, society puts huge amounts of pressure on us to have a wedding that looks a certain way. We often get so caught up in the details– the projects, the objects, what we have and what we don’t have– that we forget what this day is really about; celebrating the life-long love that you’ve found.

There’s nothing wrong with finding joy and excitement in designing your dream wedding and seeing your vision come to life, but remember to take a step back and realign your focus if you ever start to feel like getting married is becoming more about putting on a show for everyone else and less about marrying the love of your life.

4. Feel good from the inside out

Your upcoming wedding is a great motivator to develop a new healthy lifestyle, as long as it’s not coming from a place of self-hate and punishment. Getting married means you are committing yourself to your partner for life and starting a family may be in your near future, if you haven’t already. You’ll want to be healthy for both your spouse and future children for as long as you can, and this means adopting a healthier diet and including more physical activity in your day-to-day. Plus, focusing on your health feels good, and feeling good translates to a glowing, happy, healthy and stress-free bride!


There are plenty of ways to bring health and fitness into your life, even with your busy bride schedule. The two things you need to think about are nutrition and exercise. Both can seem daunting, but investing in different health programs can take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. For example, consider joining a flexible diet plan with community support to help you learn the ins and outs of a balanced diet. For exercise, keep it simple yet effective by downloading an at-home workout app you can complete from the comfort of your own living room or joining a local group fitness. 

5. Accentuate your favorite qualities

Find the physical attributes you love most about yourself and accentuate that on your wedding day! If you love your eyes and their color, tell your make up artist that you want to use a style and color that will make your eyes pop. If you love your legs, consider a tea-length dress or one with a slit. If it’s your hair you’re proud of, find a style and accessories that will showcase it perfectly. Happiness and confidence will come from focusing on the positive, so let your favorite qualities shine on your wedding day!




Hair Comes the Bride: Perfect Hairstyle for Modern Brides

Everything that you need for the wedding is all set! The venue, the foods, the wedding favors, the entourage and guests, the decorations and even the gown and suit already fits perfectly. But, wait! My dear bride, preparation is not yet over. Yes, you already chose the gown, the shoes as well as the accessories that you’ll use. But, have you decided what will be your hairdo? How will the artist style your hair on the day of your wedding? For sure you don’t want to appear having a messy hair!

Your make up should fully match your theme, your color motif, your gown and most importantly, your skin tone. And of course, your hair should be well-fixed so that it wouldn’t be a big distraction on your big day. If having an outdoor wedding, and you know that it’s going to be windy, make sure that your hairstyle will be perfect for the outdoor set up. Make sure that your hair won’t be a very big distraction as you express your promises of love.

The make-up during your big day should also be kept simple and will be perfect ’till the evening celebration. If worn out during the ceremony, simple make up can easily be retouched. Thus, saving your time and more time to party with your guests!

To fully prepare for your big day, let’s take a look at some of the Hair and Make up looks for a modern bride like you. You might find some inspiration from these hair and make up looks.

1. Simple Curl and Light Make Up

You can never go wrong with curls. Short, medium or long length hair, wavy or curly hair will surely be perfect. Add a flower crown to hold your veil, and viola! You’re now set for you garden wedding. Mix it with a simple and light make up, for sure your beauty will stand out!

2. Mermaid Braided Hair

Another ideal wedding location is the beach. You and your future husband maybe a big fan of the beach but holding your ceremony their might have advantages and disadvantages. Too much wind might be a big problem during the big day. So, if you have a long hair length make sure to have them fixed well. Braided hair will still the best option.

3. Keep it Straight

This hairstyle never goes out of style. garden, backyard, beach or even for the traditional church wedding. Keeping your hair straight is always one of the best options. Look how this bride glows with her hair just simply flow down her shoulders, matched with a nude lipstick and lashes are emphasized.

4. Clean Updo

Nothing beats a well fixed hair on your big day. You don’t need to worry about being distracted by strands of hair during the ceremony and most importantly, you can party all you want during the reception. You can dance all you want without being afraid of having your hair look messy. A bun or an updo can be perfectly accentuated with a headdress, something that perfectly matches your wedding theme.

5. Headdress Styled Short Hair

Maybe you’ll wonder, “what about for those brides with short hair? What could be the best hairstyle for them for their big day?” Well, if you are one of those brides with short hair, this is probably one of your biggest problems: how to style your hair. well, short hairs will be perfect with just some simple  head accessories. You can choose between a headband or a clip so your hair won’t look to simple and boring.

If you’re one of those brides who’s experiencing trouble with the hairstyle for the big day, hope this gives you an inspiration which hairstyle will suit you. A bride friendly reminder: Make sure to use a waterproof make up to prevent the smudge especially when you get too emotional as you exchange vows and say your sweetest ” I Do”

DIY Wedding: 15 Things to DIY Instead of BUYING for the Big Day

Preparing for the big day is not a piece of cake. A lot of things should be done and should be considered and of course, have your cash and cards ready coz you will surely spend thousands of money as you purchase each and every item to complete and tick off different items from your long wedding checklist.  But, wait! You don’t need to buy everything! There are actually several items that you can DIY instead of buying it in shops and stores.

DIY items doesn’t only help you to save money but also, can help you to bring out the creativity in you. Yes, DIY items may not be as good as the ones which are ready-made in shops and store but, what makes it more special is the effort given as you create these items. Are you excited to know the items that you can DIY instead of buying? Well, we have 15 great items for you.

1. Paper Cone Flower Tosser

Paper cones where you put all those flower petals for tossing doesn’t need to be bought.  Yes, there are petal cones in shops and stores which are well made but did you check the price? For sure they are quite expensive. So instead of buying those paper cones, why not make them on your own.Just choose good quality of paper, fold it and make a cone out of it and viola! You now have a DIY paper cone that you can hang on every chair or place them in a basket and let your guests get one.

2. Boutonnieres For the Groom and Groomsmen

To make the gentlemen’s look complete, boutonnieres pinned on the left side of their chest shouldn’t be forgotten. Some florists would include the boutonnieres in the package but some doesn’t. If your florists does not include boutonnieres in their package, you don’t need to worry. You can actually make them by yourself using simple yet elegant looking flowers

3. Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are really quite expensive and it will cost a lot especially if you are expecting a lot of guests for your big day. Well, try to save money by making DIY wedding favors. Wrap some candies or chocolates or maybe tie a ribbon around the succulent pot, add some “Thank You” tag and now, your wedding favors are ready to go.

4.  Guestbook

One of the things that you should have on your big day is the guestbook. Of course during the wedding, you won’t be able to notice who among your friends are present and who among the invited guests didn’t make it. Weeks before the wedding, try to make your own guestbook. Decorate the cover or every single pages of the guestbook, making it more personal.

5. Wedding Arch

Another DIY project that you will surely enjoy doing is your wedding Arch. You don’t need to buy one coz it will surely be too pricey.  Instead gather your team and ask for their help! Together, create a wonderful wedding arch that you dreamed of.

6. Invitations

For sure there are already a lot of ready made wedding invitations to choose from and a lot of them surely suits and matches your wedding theme. But don’t you think having a personalized wedding invitation is more fun?Well, I can tell you it is! Stop patronizing those ready made items and start being more creative and artistic.

7. Wedding Sign

Ready made wedding signs are usually pricey especially the bigger ones. So, instead of spending quite a lot just for a wedding sign, try to have a DIY wedding sign instead. If you don’t have a good penmanship, ask a friend to do a calligraphy for you! For sure, your friend will never say no and it will be a big pleasure to help!

8. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Accessories

Flower girl baskets, head dress and ring bearer’s pillow. These accessories completes your little guests’ attire. And these things can actually made by you! Various resources online can actually teach you how to make one. Aside from flower baskets and head dress, there are actually other flower girl accessories that you can make.

9. Photo Booth Props

Wedding reception will be a bit boring without a photo booth where your guests can be silly while wearing formal attires. But hold on! If you want to have a more personalized photo booth, why not make a DIY photo booth props? It will surely make your photos unique and is like no other.

10. Bridesmaids’ Hair dress

Aside from making sure that you’ll be the most beautiful woman during your big day, of course don’t forget to make your bridesmaids look extra fabulous. Prepare a hair dress for them . You don’t need to purchase them in stores. You can actually make them on your own! DIY bridesmaid hair dress!.

11. Table Centerpieces

One of the things that makes your wedding unique and different from other couple’s wedding is how you make it more personalized and how you show your personality through the designs and decorations. So why don’t you show off your personality as you design and create your table centerpieces? It will surely be more memorable than those provided by your coordinator.

12. Wedding Venue Backdrops

Part of having a DIY wedding is handcrafting some possible wedding decors instead of purchasing them in stores. One of the decors that you can possibly do on your own is the wedding venue backdrop. Making one is surely more affordable, plus, you can actually show your creativity and artistry as you design your own wedding venue backdrop.

13. Placecards or Table Numbers

Yes, you may ask your entourage to assist your guests to their tables during the reception. But for sure, your entourage isn’t enough to assist each and every guests. So, have a DIY placecards or table numbers to guide your guests.

14. Special Signage

Tired of the usual flower basket that your flower girl carries down the aisle? We have a solution for that! Create a special signage for your flower girls! “Here Comes the Bride!”

15. Wedding Cake Topper

Your wedding cake may never be complete without the Mr and Mrs sign placed on top. So, instead of buying one, why don’t you just create your own wedding cake topper? Instead of just a simple Mr and Mrs sign, why not include some of your most romantic photos? Guests will surely love to look at them.


Wedding is really expensive. But, you don’t need to spend a lot especially if you know that you can actually DIY some of your wedding decors and other necessary things for your wedding. It’s not just practical but also will help you show your artistic side.



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