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How to Make the Most out of your DIY Wedding

Wedding planning is never a joke. It’s not something that you can accomplish in just a day and when you wake up you’ll say “I’m so ready for my wedding! No stress, No sweat!” Believe me, you’ll sweat a lot. Or even cry bucket of tears not because you don’t want to get married but because you’re too exhausted in tickling off the things from your long to-do list. With this, most bride-to-be will surely wonder: how are we going to enjoy the big day despite the exhausting months of preparation?

Well, after all the tiring months of preparing for a one-day event , you can surely make every inch of the occasion a memorable one. Trust me, your wedding will always be worth the sweat! How? Here is some advice to make the most out of your DIY wedding.

1.Create a Plan A and Plan B on your list.

One of the things that consumes the entire wedding team is when things don’t fall in the right place. Let’s say your dream venue is not available on the date of your wedding. And you can’t change the wedding date since it’s the only date when most of your guests are available. Since your dream venue which is your Plan A unavailable, what do you have in mind?

Cancelling the wedding shouldn’t be on top of the option! Move on to plan B. Find an accessible place or new venue which resembles your dream wedding venue. Or since it’s a DIY wedding, why not have the team decorate the new place in resemblance with the dream wedding venue? Make sure to always have a Plan B to avoid wasting time.

2. Accomplish your to-do list at least 2 months before the big day.

Relaxing for only a week or just days before the wedding will never be enough. I know you wouldn’t want to look like a zombie bride because of the eye-bags caused by the wedding preparation. Without enough rest, you’ll surely feel sleepy during the big day and won’t be able to enjoy things.

Best thing to do? Accomplish everything at least 2 months before your “I Do” day. If you do this, you’ll have enough time to pamper yourself and be a radiant and glowing bride on your wedding.

3. Set Priorities

Keep in mind that you have a lot of things to do.And honestly, you can’t do all of these all at once. Even though you are good at multi tasking, trying to do all those things will surely lead to disaster. It will be chaotic! And if this happens, you need to start from scratch again. Which means, a waste of time and resources.

So before you get excited in preparing everything, know your priorities.

4.  Use a Planner

Keeping track of everything that you need to do will be key in this process! Often times when we get a chance we will write a note in our phone or on a sticky or send an email to ourselves. That can get messy quick! So the key here is to use one journal or one book to keep track of all of your wedding planning and DIY needs. We have this amazing journal that you can purchase here. It is a complete planner and journal.

You will feel relieved and stress-free using this tool!

I am challenging you to buckle down and get organized. It’s time to plan your DIY Wedding!

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Is it a YES for this Wedding Dress?

Think About this before Saying YES to the Wedding Dress

For the soon-to-be brides out there, are you currently stressing yourself out in choosing the perfect wedding dress for your big day? How many dress shops have you visited? How many dresses have you tried and said “No, this is not the dress for me?” Or maybe a dress which you like but the entire Team Bride immediately raised that board saying “LEAVE IT!” I’m sure you are torn between choosing what you love and at the same time what your entire entourage likes.

So, how will you be able to say that the dress that you fit is already the dress for you? How will you be able to convince the bride team and also yourself that it will be the dress that you’ll wear as you exchange your vows and share the sweetest I DO and most romantic first kiss as husband and wife on your big day? Well, aside from standing in of a mirror while wearing that dress, having the majority of the bride team agrees with you in choosing that dress, there are actually several signs to help you decide if you are already ready to SAY YES TO THAT WEDDING DRESS!

1. The dress may not be the dress that you imagined but, you fell in love with it. 

We all have that kind of dress that we always imagined wearing during the special days of our lives. Even during the first date, I surely know that you always picture yourself wearing the most beautiful wedding dress gown you have in your closet. What’s more during the big day? One thing is for sure! We ladies all dreamt of becoming a princess or even a queen during our wedding day.

However, sometimes, our dream dress doesn’t look perfect for the big day. So, we need to look for another option and this time, it’s a dress which is completely opposite to the dress that we imagine to wear. If you ever fit a dress, face the mirror and immediately imagine yourself walking down the aisle with that dress and as you think about it, the tears start to fall, maybe it’s a sign for you to say YES.

2. You never want to take the dress off.

Another sign that you have completely fallen in love with the wedding dress is that you never want to take it off the moment you saw yourself in that dress. You just want to take it home even if it’s not yet altered. You just want to sleep wearing it and wish that tomorrow’s the wedding day. Sounds funny but, this really happens in reality! We can finally say it’s our dress if we don’t want to take our eyes out of it and it makes us feel more excited for our big day.

3. You’re comfortable with it, irregardless of the dress style, length and design.

Comfortability over style. Remember, you’ll wear this dress during the entire event. From the ceremony to the venue, you’ll entertain the guests wearing the same dress. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, do you think you’ll be able to enjoy your big day?

Well, if you’re not comfortable with your dress, the only thing that you’ll surely think about on your big day is when to finally take off your dress coz it’s making you too uncomfortable.

4. You’ll Never Exchange it for Another Wedding Dress

Yes, there are other gorgeous dresses out there that the bride team would like you to try on. But, once you have chosen your dress, you won’t mind all the other dresses around you. You only want the same dress over and over again. You’ll even argue and will surely say “This is my dress/this dress is for me.” It’s about time to say YES to the dress if you never consider to try on other dresses around you.

5. You feel like a Princess or even a Queen while Wearing the Dress

Nothing beats the feeling of being a princess or a queen during your big day. Of course, this feeling will never be complete without a stunning dress. When you put on your dress, do you imagine yourself as a pretty queen walking down the aisle? Ask yourself “Is this the dress that gives me a feeling of being a queen my wedding day?”

If your answer is no, then you definitely need to try on several dresses more. But if your answer is yes, then there’s no need to think twice! You should say YES to that Wedding Dress!

Planning your wedding on your own and with just the help of friends is really quite difficult. Plus, deciding what wedding dress to use will surely be between you and the bride team. They may like what you do not like and hate what you love. But, there is one thing that you always need to REMEMBER: It’s your dress and not theirs. So make sure that you are comfortable with the dress that you will choose. It should be perfect for your big day.

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