Kate & Lane’s Beautiful Handmade Wedding

Get your “love this!” folders ready, my friends, because Kate and Lane’s wedding is full of handmade DIY details that you’re going to want to borrow for your own big day.

About Kate & Lane from Kate’s point-of-view:

I met my husband in a cave. Yes. A dark, dusty, bat-filled cave. Little did I know the man crawling through crevices in front of me would one day surprise me with a perfect proposal, being my world travel companion, and call me his wife. I cannot imagine a more suitable and true-to-us, being to our adventure.

About The Wedding:

After putting a ring on my finger, we quickly started planning. I chose a sweet southern, vintage theme for the occasion. I’ve always been drawn to objects with an element of history. I wanted the wedding to have character; an event reflecting decades passed while celebrating the decades to come. Accomplishing this vision, my mother and I enjoyed antique hunting, to find the perfect pieces. We thoroughly enjoyed the DIY aspect, all the way from programs to pew decor. I incorporated family heirlooms and collections into everything from what I carried down the aisle to the centerpieces. Instead of a pillow from the ring bearer, we used the bible my grandparents were given on their wedding day. My husband and I shared a sweetheart table at the reception. Our centerpiece consisted of the cake topper from my parents’ wedding as well as the antique salt and pepper shakers my grandparents had received for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Festivities kicked off earlier in the week as friends and family traveled from all corners of Texas, the western US, New York, and even China! Our rehearsal dinner took place at a charming city park, just a few winding miles from our venue. With a few tables waiting under the small pavilion, we enjoyed an evening of our favorite local tacos and conversation. The following day, we tied the knot at a beautiful gem of a venue, Star Hill Ranch. Nestled in the rolling hill country of central Texas, Star Hill Ranch provides a charming and romantic setting full of old, restored chapels and buildings from all across the state. After exchanging vows in a tiny, white chapel built at the turn of the 20th century, we moved to a charmed school house for the reception.

One of my favorite elements was a wedding photo display made from family albums and old window frames. Many of the decorations from our wedding are recycled in our new home. We’ve truly enjoyed having these little touches around. Our favorite souvenir from the wedding is definitely the incredible collection of wedding photos, courtesy of our amazing photographer, Lindsey Thorne. She captured all emotions of the day, and in miraculous beauty and detail. Her use of light and composition still gives me chills! My husband and I are so glad we possess such incredible photos from our wedding, to one day share with our children.

The result of all their hard work is a sweet and beautiful wedding that’s not overly fussy or complicated. The details blend perfectly together and compliment the day. Well done!

Kate + Lane
Star Hill Ranch , Texas
Event Date: June, 2014

Photographer:  Lindsey Thorne Photography//Makeup Artist:Beauty Mark Agency//Cinema and Video:Capital Wedding Video//Caterer: GOOD BETTER BEST CATERING//Event Planner:Kristin Catter Events//Event Venue:Star Hill Ranch //Floral Designer: Sweet Magnolia Floral Studio//Bakery: Sweet Treets//Musicians: Terra Vista Strings//Photo Booth Equipment: The Traveling Photo Booth Austin//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jessica & Greg’s Rustic Chic Texas Wedding

Get your “Pin This!” fingers ready, my friends. The abundance of beautiful details from Jessica and Greg’s rustic-but-chic Texas wedding are going to set your inspiration boards on fire.

Let’s hear from photographer, Debra of Debra Gulbas Photography, a bit Greg and Jessica’s big day:

On the day of Jessica and Greg’s wedding, they were watching the weather radar minute by minute before their outdoor wedding ceremony. Luckily, not a drop of rain fell during their ceremony, which was officiated by Jessica’s grandfather.

Their details got an “ooh” and “ahhh” from every guest at each step of the way. From the lemonade stand, to the root beer float station, the adorable river rock guest sign-in, and a photo booth made to look like a Polaroid — everything was fun, creative and stylish. My favorite detail were the iron cast beds, decorated with cute, colorful pillows to encourage the guests to lounge around.

Jessica and Greg had one of the most fun wedding receptions ever, and the amazing DJ Sean Alan helped make the reception amazing. Jessica and Greg’s friends were so much fun, and there wasn’t a dull moment.


Some things amongst all this gorgeousness I’d like to point out:

1. Look at how Jessica and Greg used simple and inexpensive items like baby’s breath, glass bottles, and mason jars to create lush and bountiful decor.

2. Their monochromatic white-on-white florals is ultra-elegant and served as the perfect background for pops of blues and green throughout the wedding.

3. The rustic and wild location is a gorgeous juxtaposition to the elegance of the decor.  The combination is warm and welcoming, informal and elegant: a perfect atmosphere to make your guests feel special without being too stuffy.

Well done!

Jessica & Greg
Wild Onion Ranch, Texas
Event Date: September, 2013


Photographer:  Debra Gulbas Photography//Caterer: 2 Dine 4 Fine Catering//DJ: ATX DJ//Musicians:Gypsy Moon//Cake Designer: Michelle’s Patisserie//Makeup Artist:The Beauty Jar//Floral Designer: The Last Petal//Event Venue:Wild Onion Ranch//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Sydney + Greg’s Fun & Eclectic Backyard Wedding

For Sydney + Greg’s fun-filled wedding, they chose Sydney’s beloved grandmother’s house as their venue. Perhaps it’s Sydney fun-natured personality, or just how comfortable they are at where they are getting married, Debra Gulbas Photography was able to captured all the different sides to Sydney + Greg on their day. This incredible couple and their family used lots of different colors and patterns to showcase their personalities. Be prepared to smile!


Sydney hand-created all the amazing jeweled + fabric bouquets that she and her bridesmaids carried. I love that similar fabric was used for groomsmen’s boutonnieres, flower girl’s headpiece, as well as all the flags that were strung all over the back yard. The draped flags are resemblance to Nepal’s prayer flags that are hung across the mountains. As said best by Debra Gulbas, “According to tradition, prayer flags promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. It is commonly believed that prayer flags will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. I couldn’t wish for more for such an incredible couple like Sydney and Greg.”

I can almost hear Sydney’s laughters coming across these photos, and you just can’t help but smile and be happy with her. Sydney + Greg’s sense of eclectic style was strong and beautiful. I adore her amazing bouquets that she created and all the flags that were strung across the lawn. Thanks for showing us this awe-inspiring fun wedding!

Congratulations to Sydney + Greg!!


Photographer: Debra Gulbas Photography//Wedding Date:04.21.2012//Cake Designer: Fourth Street Bakery//Caterer:Jerry and Agnes Kostroun//Musicians: Orpheus Music Academy//Officiant: St. Mark’s Episcopal Austin//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Devon + Dusty’s Bright Yellow Wedding Weekend

If you could, how wonderful would it be to throw your wedding as a long weekend celebration, with your closest friends and family? Well, that’s exactly what Devon + Dusty did. They rented out the lovely House on the Hill for all the guests to stay, and their wedding was the final highlight of a fun weekend. What an awesome way to also allow all the guests to help chip in their labor of love for the couple as they help decorate the venue leading up to the wedding day!

Brought to us by the awesome Cory Ryan Photography, Devon + Dusty’s wedding had lots of bright yellows, fun, sweetness, and most of all, love. Our bride Devon looked just oh-so-super-sweet and perfect next to her groom, as you will see!

Devon + Dusty had some amazing help to pulled off their DIY wedding. Devon’s Uncle Sonny brought his smoking rig from Mississippi with him so that he could cook up a scrumptious BBQ feast. Their artist friend Jane made their wedding cake while Devon made the super cute owls cake topper. But the most impressive DIY for me was the huge diagram that Dusty had made which show how everyone was connected/knew each through Devon + Dusty. How cool!

Yuuummy BBQ! And what an awesome idea to have an iced coffee keg to wash all the BBQ and hot weather down AND stay energized to dance the night away! I also love the couple’s use of something so simple as a stack of old National Geographic magazines as part of the table setting to tie in the bright yellow theme they have going on. And how about the use of perennial substitutions for sunflowers as bridesmaids’ bouquets?

I loved all the sweet photos of Devon + Dusty… don’t they just look so in love? Such a lovely gown on a lovely bride. Much thanks to Cory Ryan Photography for showcasing such a sweet and down-to-earth couple!


Photographer: Cory Ryan Photography//Wedding Date:07.20.2013//Floral Designer: Austin Flower Company//Caterer:East Side Pies//Musicians:Eddie Collins//Reception Venue: House on the Hill//Cake Designer:Jane Radstrom//Caterer: Whole Foods//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Kassie + Chad’s Swoon-Worthy Historical Park E-Session

Kassie + Chad definitely hit the jack pot with their engagement shoot location. George Ranch Historical Park, a 20,000 acre working ranch near Houston, Texas, features historic homes and buildings… and horses. Swoon-worthy photos by Dana Fernandez Photography, this engagement shoot is gorgeous to boot. It certainly helped when they were able to shoot at this picturesque location with no one else around (it was closed on Sunday, the day they had the shoot) since Kassie’s dad knows the owner of the Park.


What a dreamy location! I love all the buildings, the trees, and the space! I also adored their use of props- the sign on their dog, the gold-painted ampersand sign, and “I’m marrying him” chalkboard sign. Although we haven’t seen their wedding, but I can already picture just how sweet their wedding must have been!!


Photographer: Dana Fernandez Photography//E-Session Date: 05/19/2013//Event Venue: George Ranch Historical Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Audrey + Kyle’s Puzzles E-Session

Here at DIY Bride, we love it when we hear a good romantic story. Today, I’m sharing with you a super sweet proposal story. When Aisha from Ama Photography & Cinema had heard about how Kyle had proposed to Audrey, she told them that they have to re-create the story for their engagement shoot. The result? A very sweet picnic in the park e-session!

Here’s the story of Kyle’s proposal as told by Audrey:

“Every year Kyle leaves for a hunting trip on Dec. 26th which coincidentally is also my birthday. So for Christmas I was able to open my birthday present from him early. Kyle presented me with an itinerary for a belated birthday celebration (at least that’s what I thought it was) which consisted of lunch and drinks, puzzle making, ice skating, and dinner at the Spindle Top. I LOVE puzzles so the day started out with lunch where we built the puzzle he gave me for Christmas, which is a picture of us. When we were almost done with the puzzle, there was a piece missing. I looked but couldn’t find it, I then noticed Kyle digging in his pockets and realized he had the final piece. I still had no clue what was going on, when I was younger I would always pocket the last piece of the puzzle so that I could be the one to finish the puzzle, so I thought this was what he was doing. When he pulled out the final piece he told me I was the missing piece to his puzzle and showed me the back of the puzzle, which read, “Will you marry me?” Of course I said yes!”


What a sweet, sweet proposal! Congratulations Audrey + Kyle!!
Photographer:  Ama Photography & Cinema//Engagement Video//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Melanie + Jordan’s Date at the Park E-Session

For Melanie + Jordan, it was pretty easy for them to decide where to have their engagement shoot. After all, Zilker Park in Austin, Texas, is where they had their very first date AND where he proposed. According to their photographer over at Mint Photography (who is a good friend of Melanie’s), it actually rained 30 minutes prior to their session… but when the rain stopped and the sun came out with the fluffy clouds… pure lighting magic! Take a look at these gorgeous photos, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


Jordan sure knows how to make Mel feel super special. Apparently, he had her engagement ring specially designed from an Etsy shop that combined the features that she loves from 3 different rings… into her one. Beautiful!

Also, the blanket that they used for the photo shoot is not just any ordinary blanket… it is made by Jordan’s great-grandmother. I totally love this detail!


Photographer:  Mint Photography//E-session date: June 12, 2012//Event Venue:Zilker Park Clubhouse/City of Austin Parks Department//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jackie + Mike’s Vintage Country Wedding

The new year is upon us and I figured we should go out on a bang!  And Jackie + Mike’s wedding is just the what the doctor ordered! Katherine O’brien Photography has captured the perfect blend of modern & vintage with this Instagram-y meets portrait perfection and country-chic cool  event.  With the most amazing custom attire including the groom’s vest and an amaze two-fer gown and bridesmaids that helped DIY the hair and makeup, there’s no shortage of style for this Minnesota couple that wed in Texas.  



I love the shades of whites and lace that contrast the rugged Texas backdrop.  Jackie’s got some awesome pals.  her bridesmaids got a DIY tutorial for Jackie’s hair and makeup (which were perfect) and the sparkly modern, yet rustic airstream-like invitations were designed by a friend.  The floral and bouts were all handmade and I loved the interactive centerpieces where guests lit candles and made a wish for the happy couple!

As amazing as this wedding is, it kind of gives me the sads.  Not only is it the last of the year, but it’s the last I’ll be privileged to share with you as the Real Weddings Coordinator here at DIY Bride.  I want to thank all of you for letting me share in your special days.  A special thanks to Katherine O’brien Photography for sharing this very memorable wedding for a me.  And a big congratulations and thanks to Jackie and Mike!

Vendor Information:

Date:  April 27 , 2013

Location: Round Mountain, TX

Photographer: Katherine O’brien Photography

Event Venue: Three Points Ranch

Bride’s Attire: Custom

Bride’s Ring: Vintage

Boots: Allen’s Boots 

Grooms Attire: Custom Made by Heime’s Haberdashery

Groom’s Ring: Minter Ritcher Designs

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jen + Kyle’s Tiffany Blue Rustic Wedding

When an amazingly talented bride pairs polka dots and the prettiest Tiffany blue details you can imagine with a team of wedding vendors that includes Debra Gulbas Photography, Rosa Gibson, and the Vista West Ranch, it may as well be Christmas all over.  Bride Jennifer worked tirelessly to create the most incredible details of her Tiffany blue, polka-dot themed wedding. The details really speak for themselves, from the handmade flower bouquets and boutonnieres to the incredible centerpieces only a blue box might be better.


Thank you Debra Gulbas Photography for sharing this lovely day with us!  Congratulations Jen and Kyle!

Vendor Information:

Date: April 28, 2012

Location: Dripping Springs, TX

Photography: Debra Gulbas Photography

Event Venue: Vista West Ranch

Caterer: Texas Rib Kings

Event Planner: Austin Wedding Planners by Rosa

Dress Store: Weddings by Debbie

Makeup Artist: Beauty Mark Agency

Marisa + Moky’s Timeless and Elegant Wedding

When bride Marissa shared her wedding with us, I was stunned.  The insanely gorgeous style, the ridiculously perfect images from Apryl Ann Photography, the utterly fab setting, and crafting that’s totally cray I couldn’t decide on a favorite piece of the awesomely elegant puzzle!  Infusing classic and timeless beauty with loads of family centered love, Marisa + Moky’s wedding is sort of amazing in ways I had never imagined.


Marisa is totally our kind of gal! Not only did she look stunning in both of her gowns, but she managed to get both at a super good deal!  Her first gown was an Atelier Aimee dress from preownedweddingdresses.com , and the second was a fantastic J.Mendel dress found on eBay.  Marisa’s not just a good fashion hunter, she’s down right crafty too!  Creating all the paper goods from invitations to programs and the beautiful Japanese paper signage, she also handmade the favors and the bridesmaids hairpieces as gifts.  Another stunner came from a friend.  She had the idea of using vintage thrift shop mirrors for signage and a friend hand painted them all!  Since we all know a DIY Bride can’t stop after her big day, Marisa shared that she turned one of the mirrors (a fave find) into a coat hanger in their new home.

Thank you Marissa for sharing your beautiful day with us! Big thanks to an awesome team of vendors, including Apryl Ann Photography who helped bring Marissa and Moky’s vision to life!

Vendor Information:

Date: November 10, 2012

Location: Dallas, TX

Photographer:  Apryl Ann Photography

Cinematography: Copper Penny Films

Ceremony Venue: Park Cities Presbyterian Church

Reception Venue: Dallas Arboretum – Rosine Hall

Hair: Live Hair Group


Flowers: Blue Lotus Gardens

Catering: Gil’s Elegant Catering

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