Terri + Adam

So much fun, so much love, so many laughs is how Terri and Adam describe their book-themed DIY wedding.

Terri + Adam February 19, 2011 Chicago, IL

Terri shares the details: Adam and I wanted to have a unique, book-themed, DIY winter wedding in Chicago. The venue, Architectural Artifacts, was perfect, being as eclectic and full of life as it is. all of our obstacles included having an idea, then having to figure out how to execute each idea and in the timeframe we had!

The flowers were made out of the bride’s favorite publication (a McSweeney’s quarterly.). The centerpieces were made by the bride and groom (paper flowers in vases made from of hardcover books and a little creative scroll sawing). The save the dates were DIY made from old romance novels. The invite was a DIY single screenprinted poster. The guest book was a typewriter. The signage were DIY scrabble boards. The escort cards were DIY library cards housed in old card catalog drawers. The favors were photobooth photos. the guests waved DIY flags instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles. The bridesmaid dresses were locally made. And the vows were one-of-a-kind.

One really fun factor were the DIY life-sized prints of the bride and groom mounted to wood with the heads cut out for great photo ops. The website (with the bride being a graphic designer and the groom a programmer) was hand crafted with lots of love (http://www.sittin-in-a-tree.com/) and the photographer was a San Francisco gem, here is the link to her post about the wedding: http://www.edytaszyszlo.com/blog/2011/03/07/terri-adams-handmade-book-themed-winter-wedding/ and here is the full set of photos: http://www.pictage.com/client/event.do?event=989586.

Photographer: Edyta Syszlo

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