Terriana + Jay’s Bright Bold Wedding

One guy on an international floor full of 15 women sounds like every man’s dream.  Well, it certainly seems to have worked to Jay’s advantage!  Finding his dream girl whose bold move to ask him out first (after a bet with a friend as to who could ask him first) saw this duo to hold this bright beauty of a day.  From bold moves to bright colors, this wedding is nothing short of chic and regal elegance with little hints of rustic charm.  Held at the Red Corral Ranch that houses the peacocks that inspired this classy color palette, you don’t want to miss this multi-color magnificence.  Photography by Vanessa has captured Terriana + Jay’s bright personalities brilliantly in this can’t miss love story and detailed event!



From the bride:

We got engaged on my 27th birthday, on July 28th 2012 at 11:58pm 🙂 About eight years ago, the day before I left to study abroad in Spain for six months, Jay gave me a pair of sapphire heart earrings. I lost one of them when I moved to Texas, but I gave him the remaining earring and told him that I wanted it back one day in the form of an engagement ring, which ended up being one that I designed just to highlight the sapphire that I held so dear.

Besides the enduring romance of this bubbly couple, I love the heart and pride they poured into it.  The colored glass that donned the tables were an undergrad project Jay created himself.  And in less than three months, Terriana planned and executed an amazing event surely worthy of pride!  Thanks Photography by Vanessa, and congratulations Terriana and Jay.

Vendor Information:

Photographer: Photography by Vanessa

Event Venue: Red Corral Ranch

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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