The Paris Wedding: A Book Review and DIY Favor Project

Few locations on this great, glorious globe of ours evoke the feelings of romance like Paris. Can you imagine being surround by the all of the beauty The City of Light has to offer on your wedding day? The art, language, architecture, cuisine, style, history … how could one  not get lost in the love, romance, and joy? For many of us, the idea of a wedding in Paris is a far-off dream; a wonderful fantasy that seems somehow unattainable. That, mes amis, is about to change thanks to the brand new book by my dear colleague Kim Petyt, an American wedding planner who just so happens to live in Paris.

The Paris Wedding is the perfect mix of practical guide and gorgeous inspiration that makes having a Parisian wedding within reach of many couples. In The Paris Wedding, Kim walks you through the basics of getting married in France such as residency requirements, documents needed, and what you need to get married in the Catholic church while explaining the differences between French and American weddings.

Full of beautiful photographs of locations, wedding details, vendors and even DIY projects, The Paris Wedding, provides an abundance of inspiration and resources for creating your own wedding in Paris or simply one that’s Parisian-inspired. Where the book really shines is Kim’s writing. She’s utterly engaging, making what could be an intimidating process into a fun and fabulous journey of a lifetime.

To celebrate the launch of her book Kim has graciously shared a simple and oh-so-French DIY project with us, these lovely lavender sugar favors.



Sucre de lavande favor courtesy of The Paris Wedding. Image copyright thepariswedding.


If you’re looking for ways to add a French touch to your upcoming celebration, here’s a simple, inexpensive DIY favor idea that’s just perfect for a French -themed wedding or party: homemade sucre de lavande—lavender sugar. Some of the finest lavender and lavender-infused products come from the South of France, where lavender is used throughout daily life. Not only is it used to scent the home (dried in sachets, or in distilled water for perfuming linens) and in soaps and creams, but it’s also delicious in cooking. On cookies, cakes or fresh fruit, a sprinkling of lavender sugar is a great way to add a delicate French flavor to any dessert.

To make sucre de lavande, fill a large (depending on the number of favors you’re making) sealable container with granular sugar. Add several sprigs or handfuls of dried lavender blossoms. Seal the container and let it sit for two weeks, shaking the container occasionally to mix evenly. When ready, pour the sugar through a sifter to get the blossoms out, or whirl the sugar and blossoms together through a mixer or coffee grinder. Fill small apothecary jars with the sugar, and add a recipe or two along with the gift tag, et voilà! DIY doesn’t get much easier than this.

Kimberley Petyt is an American wedding planner living and working in Paris, France, and writes the popular blog, “parisian party: tales of an american wedding planner in paris”. Her newly released book, The Paris Wedding, is a full-color, idea-packed, “go-to guide” for globally minded trendsetters who are in love with the style and romance of Paris, and is now available for purchase online and in local booksellers. You may find Kim via her BlogThe Paris Wedding book pageTwitterPinterest AmazonGoodreads.

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  1. Great review and I love that you highlighted the lavender sugar. What a super idea, not just for weddings, but also for hostess gifts. Thanks for sharing the love of Paris and weddings.

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