The Timeless Blue Wedding of Megan + Matthew

Happy Monday, everyone! Hopefully you all had a restful weekend of wedding planning or crafting. Today I’m totally digging on our bride Megan’s sassy pink shoes (hello cheetah-print bottoms!), and  all the vintage details she so put so much effort into collecting. The end result was a great vibe of sweetness and love – perfect for a wedding.

From their photographer: Matthew and Megan are now living in Portugal as Matthew serves active duty in the Air Force. Their wedding took place in Rockwood, PA at The Hayloft in front of their friends and family members. The Hayloft has been a part of Rockwood, PA since 1896 and the natural settings of mountains, corn fields, make it a timeless location. Megan incorporated vintage family heirlooms with a bit of a modern twist. Her grandfather was a foreman, and you will see she created a “In memory of” table where she had his hat on the table with some photographs of him. Her grandma was a seamstress and she found a box full of her grandma’s buttons that she also displayed next to her grandpa’s hat in a mason jar. Megan also did all the center pieces for her wedding. She shopped at vintage shops for over six months finding books, tea cups, mason jars, old typewriters, postcards where guests could type a good luck message to the couple to bring out the vintage/modern feel to her wedding. Matthew and Megan had a wedding party of five bridesmaids and five groomsmen. The wedding was supposed to take place outside but due to a severe thunderstorm the even was moved indoors where it still was a gorgeous setting. After their vows we headed to a part of Rockwood, PA where an old rustic bridge had been established in 1830. Named the “Barronvale Bridge,” we shot some very non traditional couple photos.

Couple: Megan Bush-Lumm + Matthew Lumm

Date: Septemeber 30, 2012

Location: Rockwood, Pennsylvania

Photography: Lori Lee Photography

Venue: The Hayloft

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  1. I must agree that her shoes are really awesome! Just perfect to pair with a nice dress and lovely face. I love the color and the concept of their wedding. The typewriter is another thing that made me smile!

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