Trying to Decide on a Wedding Reception Venue? Here Are 4 Things to Consider

First of all, congratulations! You’re getting married! After you’ve celebrated with your closest friends and family, it’s time to sit down and start planning for your special day. There are so many details that go into the wedding planning process that it can often feel like there are endless decisions to be made. The time has come to order flowers, select your first dance song, and pick out a little something blue.

But, one of the most important steps in the planning process is to decide on the wedding reception venue that’s right for you. This is your first official party as newlyweds, and you’re celebrating with the people you care about the most. Be sure to make it a good one.

To help you jumpstart the planning process, here are four things to keep in mind when selecting your reception venue. Then take the quiz below to help you narrow down your choices!

1. What style of wedding are you envisioning?

Venues aren’t one-size- fits-all, so it’s important to make sure you have a clear idea of what style of wedding you want to have. Are you picturing a rustic barn wedding or an outdoor bohemian wedding? The feel of your wedding will also determine your location. For example, an urban NYC hotel won’t have the same feel as these Los Angeles wedding venues with oceanside views.

2. Is the venue full-service?

If you’re looking for a way to ease the stress of the planning process, it may be smart to consider booking a full-service reception venue. These locations will offer everything you need to have a successful event, from tables and chairs to catering essentials and linens. Venues that aren’t full-service, on the other hand, will require you to book all of your vendors separately before the big day.

3. What are the venue’s hours of operation?

Make sure you have a clear vision of the timeline of your wedding day before selecting your venue. Some locations have strict hours with no flexibility of extending that window of time while others charge a lofty fee if you’re looking to stay later into the night.

4. Is the venue within my price range?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a venue is its price tag. If you have a limited budget but have your heart set on a specific location, you may want to prioritize your spending with other vendors. For example, if you or your future spouse have artistic talents, you could take the DIY route for details like centerpieces and decorations. Take a look at this couple’s wedding who chose to incorporate the groom’s graphic design skills into the decor elements at their chosen Chicago wedding venue.

These are just four aspects of choosing a venue that you should consider during your wedding planning process. To get you thinking about other elements that will come into play on the big day, take this quiz from WeddingWire that will help you select a venue type based on your preferred style elements.

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