Vanessa + Damian Red-Hot Romantic Engagement

Warning!  The contents of this next shoot may not be suitable for all audiences.  Those easily impressed by beautiful photography, adventure, romance, and easy, high style ways of creating the perfect engagement shoot should not read on.  If this title sounds a little too suggestive, you now understand why my husband is convinced I have DIY and wedding voyeur tendencies.  But wait!  I can explain!  It’s not my fault!  When you have a couple like Vanessa and Damian who are so obviously in love set among the Doffo Winery with bikes and balloons, and photographed so superbly by Lovato Images, it’s impossible not to be seduced.

From the photographer:  “Vanessa and Damian wanted an engagement story that told the romantic side of their story.”

Well, Vanessa has the most entrancing eyes. Damian and his father run  Doffo Winery; a winery specializing in hand crafted wines and a collection of vintage and racing motorcycles.   Few could overcome this deadly combination of temptation.  Romance pours out of the scenery, while adventure races on the bikes, and excitement whispers in the wind with the fantastic wardrobe changes that set the mood.  Before I get any more overheated about this shoot, I’d like to thank Lovato Images for capturing this fantastic love story in photos.  Congratulations Vanessa and Damian!

Vendor Information:

Photographer: Lovato Images

Event Venue: Doffo Winery

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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