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Always on the lookout for unusual vases and containers, I stumbled on this beauty when I was cleaning out our household storage cubby.

diybride ranunculus centerpiece

Can you guess what it is? It’s a glass globe that goes over porch/patio lights! I found it at a local hardware shop a few years ago for around $10.00. Filled with these ultra-dainty ranunculus, it transforms into an unique and affordable centerpiece. I used about 25 full-bloom ranunculus for this project. The thought of using a globe (without a flat bottom) as a vase may seem odd (hey, I’m all mavericky when it comes to this stuff) but it works for smaller arrangements. The secret is to create a soft base for the globe to set in such as a pile of sand, salt, or sugar — things you have easy (and cheap) access to. Pour a mound of sand on a table, place the centerpiece in place, and brush away the rest. (A mini vac is also helpful when you’re doing several tables worth.) Flowers for this project were provided by: Wedding Flowers - FiftyFlowers Logo


  1. Excellent !

    It’s this kind of idea that make interresting thing…

    I’ve exactly this model of glass globe at the exterior of my home !

    Thanks and sorry for my durt english 🙁


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