Rosy Bridal Shower Buffet

[NOTE: The full post isn’t showing up for some reason. Thanks for letting me know! I’m working to resolve the issue ASAP.] —– {This is a hastily-shot replacement for our lovely original shoot. My camera’s SD card completely died while downloading photos to my laptop. Only a few shots were transferred before the card died so we had to reshoot the vignette with lesser items than used in the original. I’m putting this up because the projects are still rather lovely though the presentation doesn’t do them justice. Foo! I hope you like it anyway.}

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add beauty and drama to a wedding design is to use rose petals. The incredible team at provided DIY Bride with a box of 6,000 rose petals for us to play with so that we could showcase creative ways to use them. Instead of doing a large single project we used the petals in several therefore maximizing our materials and creating our first vingette.

Becoming a bride often comes with a plethora of events before and beyond the wedding: showers, luncheons, craft parties. This month’s vingette pulls together some tasty recipes and easy projects to make a simple-but-feminine buffet for your shower – or even upcoming Mother’s Day. The Projects:

  1. Handmade rose petal soap favors
  2. Rose-scented bath salt favors
  3. Rose petal ice cubes
  4. Rose petal table runner
  5. Rose petal monogram
  6. Rosy punch (no rose petals)
  7. Thai chicken salad with roses
  8. Shrimp cocktail (no roses)
  9. Cardamom cake with candied rose petals
  10. Floating rose cake stand

Projects, pictures, and instructions after the jump!


What I love about working with rose petals: they smell great and they have a long shelf-life (as far as flowers go). When you order from FiftyFlowers, they come packaged as such:


Project #1: Rose Ice CubesSupplies Needed

  • Clean rose petals
  • Ice cube trays
  • Water
  • Freezer


  1. The first step is to clean your rose petals. Most petals from commercial growers are sprayed with pesticides – definitely not something you want in your beverage.  Run a sink full of cool water. Gently place a few handfuls of petals into the sink. Let soak for about an hour. Drain water; repeat the soak. It’s important to be as gentle as possible with the petals; they will bruise with too much handling.
  2. Once your petals are clean, place a petal or two into the cavities of an ice cube tray. Fill with cool water. Place in freezer until frozen and ready to use.

{Download Rose Ice Cubes Project Sheet} Project #2 Handmade Rose Petal SoapsSupplies Needed


  1. This is gorgeous! I love interesting projects incorporating rose petals. I believe that many simple DIY's can look involved and luxurious simply by adding rose petals! I would love to try the rose petal ice cubes! What a perfect idea, even for a bridal shower!

  2. I love this idea!! Is there any way you’d be able to share the entire post via email? I was looking for ideas for rose petals already! Thanks so much Khris! You’re amazing!

  3. I love this idea!! Is there any way you’d be able to share the entire post via email? I was looking for ideas for rose petals already! Thanks so much Khris! You’re really amazing!

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