“Thank You” Shadow Box

EB, also known as “The Flower Mom” from DryYourOwnBouquet.com, has graciously shared this sweet DIY project that uses dried flowers from your wedding to create a special thank you gift.

DIY Shadow Box Wedding

Your wedding photos just came back and you’ve set aside a few great ones of you and your mom, maid of honor or any special friend. So your first thought is “I can’t wait to send them this photo!” to thank them for all they have done for you and your wedding. But why just send them a photo in a plain envelope, when for just a few dollars and one fun evening of crafting, you can create for them a gorgeous meaningful keepsake? (Though you can do this for any important wedding guest, we’re going to use Mom as an example today.) TOTAL You can make this lovely gift for Mom using the very corsage she wore at your wedding, or if you don’t have that saved, you can use any flowers from your wedding you have kept! Reusing your wedding flowers keeps your cost minimal but the sentiment heartfelt.  Plus – it’s fun and easy! There are only three elements included in this sample, the corsage (or other flowers), a photograph, and a poem or favorite verse. Of course, you can include as many mementos as you choose….a piece of jewelry or a scrap of lace or perhaps a wedding invite. The possibilities end only with your creativity.


1.Shadow Box Frame: Available at most craft or frame shops.

2.Wedding Photograph: Any size and cut into the shape of your choice.

3.Dried Corsage or Other Flowers: These flowers can be dried by placing them in a shoebox or tupperware container. GENTLY cover all the petals and leaves with play sand or silica gel purchased from a craft store. It may take a week or two to dry. After your flowers are dry you can paint them lightly, to maintain the color. You can do this with any color acrylic craft paint, which has been diluted with a little water to make a wash. Add a drop or two of dish detergent to make the paint adhere better.

4. Card Stock: Chose any colored heavy weight cardstock paper, which can be found in the scrap booking dept of your local craft store. In this case, the wedding theme was black and white with yellow floral accents. I chose colored cardstock that would compliment that color scheme.

5. A Poem or Tribute: Choose one that’s meaningful to you. There are tons available on the Internet. I simply Googled “poems about mothers” and found the quote I used in this example. Hand-written sentiments from you would also work very nicely.

6. Pop Dots: Little disks placed behind any 2-D item to make it 3-D.These are also available in the scrap booking department.

7.Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

8. Scissors Total Cost: The cost of this project was about $18.00. I suggest shopping around at the Dollar Stores for a cheaper shadow box. You can also save some money by using little pieces of corrugated cardboard or foam core in place of the Pop Dots.

Let’s Begin!!

1. Take the card stock that you’ve chosen as your background color and cut a piece the same size as the inside back of the shadow box. This will be the base.

2. Cut the photo into any size or shape that will fit into the shadow box frame. I made a smaller copy of the original and cut it into an oval. To give the photograph a finished framed appearance, I cut two more ovals each one ¼” larger than the other. I cut a white oval ¼” larger than the photo, then cut one more out of my black pin dot cardstock which was1/4” larger than the white one. You can make two or three ovals if you wish. Center your photo onto the first white oval and glue it down. Take this oval and photo and center IT onto the second larger oval and glue it down. Now you have a sturdy, pretty “framed” photograph.

3.  Now for the poem. Center the poem on a slightly smaller oval than the photo one. I used just one other oval to “frame” the poem and cut it out of the black pin dot paper making it 1/8” larger all the way around. Center the poem on the larger oval and glue it down.

4. Punch out two Pop Dots from the card. Remove the backing from all sides of each dot and stick them together. Stick the double dots onto the center back of the “framed” photo. Do the same to the framed poem, but use THREE dots so that the poem will stand out and over the photo when placed on the background.

5. Arrange all three elements: corsage, photo and poem around on the inside back of the frame (which you have already covered with the background colored paper and glued down). Move all three around until you find a pleasing arrangement.

Place the glass and frame over it all to make sure they all fit in nicely. If they do…. hot glue the corsage in place and put the frame back together.

That’s it! You’re done! You’ve created a beautiful, meaningful way for your mom, maid of honor or any treasured wedding guest to remember your wedding – and how very much they mean to you.

Submitted by: EB Designs of http://www.DryYourOwnBouquet.com EB (AKA Twitter’s TheFlowerMom) is an art teacher and mother of five grown children – including two happy brides. She’s also got 20+ years of experience drying flowers and helping brides preserve their wedding day bouquets…and memories! Details about the flower drying techniques mentioned above can be found in EB’s book “Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet in Six Easy Steps”


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