DIY Wedding Tip: The Search for the BEST Wedding Venue

Wedding planning is really exhausting. You have a long list of things to do and to accomplish and to decide on. From the date of the big day, the number of guests to be invited, who will be part of the entourage, the gowns and suits, the foods and cakes and most importantly, the wedding venue and reception. Wedding is really tiring but surely worth every sweat. Well, maybe you have ticked off a lot of things from your long list already but one of the biggest thing to figure out is the wedding venue. You may like to have a beach wedding set up but your future husband says he prefers a garden wedding. Which will you choose and consider? Will it be your choice or his? Before you decide and finalize your wedding venue and probably the design and set up, there are a lot of things to be considered in choosing the perfect wedding venue for your big day. Ask the following questions and take time to ponder:
  1. Is the wedding venue that you’re interested in available on your desired wedding date? If no, what are the available dates?
  2. Is the venue big enough to accommodate the number of guests that you plan to invite?
  3. How much is the rental fee? Are there any inclusions once I rent the place? How many hours is included in the fee?
  4. What’s the deposit/cancellation/ refund policy?
  5. Is the parking space big enough?
  6. Can the wedding ceremony be held in the same place? If yes, is there any additional charge or fee?
  7. Is the location of the venue accessible for the guests? How much travel time will it take them?
  8. Is the venue perfect for your wedding theme?
  9. Are alcoholic drinks allowed? Is there any fee for bringing drinks?
  10. Did you fell in love with the place the moment you visited and saw the place?
Choosing a wedding venue is never easy. It’s as complicated as choosing what dress to wear on your big day. Aside from the location, the wedding venue should also be budget friendly. In order to enjoy your wedding venue, here are some mistakes not to make when choosing your wedding venue: Not asking about all fees. Before choosing a wedding venue, make sure that it suits your budget. You might end up being surprised once they give you the over all cost which is way beyond your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask. Be practical. You can still enjoy  your big day within the budget. Choosing a venue that doesn’t fit all your guests. Yes, the location of your desired wedding venue maybe something that you always imagine, the price is right and is within your budget. But, is it big enough to bring comfort not just to you but also your guests? Make sure that the venue is spacious and can accommodate all your guests, allowing them to enjoy and be comfortable especially when the real party starts. Thinking you can take it all on (when you can’t) Remember, you still have a long list of things to do. It’s okay to ask help from your wedding planner or even to your closest friends when you’re trying to decide which wedding venue to choose. Their suggestion and opinion surely matter a lot. Pick the right venue. Consider not only your choice but also think about your guests. Will they be comfortable? Will it be convenient for them? Or it will give them trouble because the venue is too far and doesn’t have enough parking space? Never let your guests experience this kind of trouble.  Be wise in choosing the best wedding venue! Related Post: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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