How To Choose The Right Wedding Registry & the Top 9 Products to Add Immediately

Now that the holidays are over, we can only imagine how many of you got engaged this season! Now it’s time to sit down and set up your registry, which we find to be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. But what do you register for? We’re here to help and share our expertise on setting up a registry of items and experiences you’ll love.

Choosing The Right Wedding Registry

Where do you begin?! Traditionally, couples have gone into individual department stores to register for a variety of items. These in-store registries are great for those couples who are living together for the first time or for guests who prefer to see the tangible gifts before buying.

Today, universal registries are an easy and convenient option that allow couples to choose gifts from virtually any store. One example is the modern online registry site Zola. Zola is one of the more popular options and has a multitude of benefits, like the ability to accept and ship gifts when you want, registering for honeymoon and cash funds, and everything is easy to keep track of which makes writing thank you notes a breeze.

Discuss the options with your partner and figure out what is most practical for you and your new life together. It may also be easy to listen to a lot of other outside influences, but this registry is for you and your S.O., so don’t let the extra opinions persuade you too much.

Curating Your Gift List

Now here’s the tricky part. While you have access to hundreds of products right at your fingertips, it’s imperative to not get too caught up in all the products and experiences and register for things you’ll actually use. What makes sense for you as a couple? Are you moving in together for the first time or already own a home? Maybe there’s some items you’ve been eyeing but would never shell out the cash yourself? It’s important to ask all the right questions before adding items to your registry.

Some of the most popular gifts for modern couples are experiences or funds that can be used for the honeymoon. According to Zola, the top gift of 2017 was an Airbnb gift card! What a great gift to contribute to your budding wanderlust. Zola has also seen a 200% increase in the number of couples that have received experiences as gifts. This makes sense as more couples are living together well before the wedding. Instead of registering for traditional items like furniture, bedding, and cookware, more couples are asking for cash and honeymoon funds.

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